6 Best Backyard Obstacle Course for Adults in 2020

Obstacle course racing is a versatile activity that can be pursued at any level or age. A backyard obstacle course for adults brings this experience into your home and, as with any other outdoor activity, has multiple benefits of its own. It is a great way to de-stress and to get the body out in the open and interact with nature.

Read on and discover how to buy a product that is suited to your environment and your goals.

What Is An Obstacle Course?

The obstacle course is a physical challenge sport that is designed to test or improve the speed, agility, flexibility, and balance of the player. Hurdles and challenges of different kinds are placed at different points of the course for the player to conquer.

The Ninja Obstacle Course is quickly becoming one of the most popular backyard activities for children and adults alike. What started as a children’s activity has progressed into a popular sport for adults as well. There are many popular TV game shows and video games that are based on this fun sport.

An obstacle course in your backyard is like a mini gym on its own. It’s a great way to get active and shake the stress off after a long week of work. Plus, given the right product, it may be one of the best family activities you could engage in. It’s another way to get the children away from the screen and into the sun for some much-needed fun and exercise. Looking for some summer activities to keep the kids cool and safely engaged? Check out this article on 7 best inflatable splash pads.

If you’re considering buying a backyard obstacle course, we have a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you. The product review we have put together brings you some of the best outdoor obstacle course products for adults. Happy Shopping!

Buyers Guide

A backyard obstacle course for adults could be a great purchase for any home with a backyard. It could also make a great gift! Buying the right product will be greatly important since the wrong decisions could end up affecting the safety of the player. Consider the following points before you make a purchase, and make sure to read the User’s Guide and follow instructions carefully.

  1. The Base:

What kind of environment are you setting up in? A basic obstacle course will require a support system like a pair of trees, or a pair of sturdy poles. Other versions will need an amount of space for you to comfortably set up and complete the course.

  1. Length:

One version of an obstacle course is a tension rope stretched between two points. The length of the rope is one of the first things you need to look at when choosing your product. Typical rope length ranges between 30 – 60 feet. This will give you an idea about what length will fit into your backyard.

The kind of space you have available will be a great determining factor in the kind of obstacle course you invest in.

  1. Variety:

The scope for variety is one of the biggest plus points in an outdoor obstacle course. You can choose the kind of obstacles you want to include, as well as the distance, height, and position of each obstacle. Typical obstacles include rings, knots, and bars, ladders, cones, etc.

  1. Material:

Different parts of the course are made of different materials. This is a good point to keep in mind so that you keep an eye on things that weather in the sun and those that will need protection from the elements. Nylon in the ropes, for example, may not withstand the heat of the sun too much, as also the lightweight wood used in handles and rungs of ladders. Steel carabiners fare better than these but may become too hot to handle in the peak summer heat.

  1. Weight:

The maximum weight limit will be indicated clearly in the User’s Guide, as well as on the outer package, or product description. This could be another fundamental consideration for your purchase. The maximum weight on most products is 200 – 300 pounds.

  1. Portability:

A basic backyard obstacle course can be set up in less than thirty minutes. That means that it could be a great outdoor activity in more than one setting. If you plan on taking your kit outside the home, make sure your purchase comes with a carry bag or a travel kit.

Determine Your Purpose

There are many ways in which you can engage with an obstacle course, depending on your goals. Most of the time, backyard obstacle course kits are geared towards kids and teens. A lot of these products are multi-faceted and can function as a family activity, especially if the weight recommendations provide for it. If you are looking for a beginner’s obstacle course, or just want to indulge in some family fun, you should check out one of the following products.

Backyard obstacle courses for fun with the family

The first thing to look for would be the length and weight considerations. If you’re a single adult looking to set up a backyard obstacle course for yourself, it’s a great idea to go generic and purchase the kits with the higher weight recommendations. These can engage both adults as well as children and can be a fun way to work on your fitness without having to go to the gym. Considering the present time, it is also a great way to get outside the house and get some fresh air without having to risk a virus infection at a park or gym.

Here are the three best Ninja Warrior backyard obstacle course for adults and families.

1. American Ninja Warrior Family Agility Set

This product is touted as a versatile outdoor obstacle racecourse. It can be used by adults, kids (3+ years), and even pets! The easy-to-assemble ‘snap-together’ design makes it a great addition to any party or family event, or even a road- or camping trip.

The package comes with an adjustable hoop and hurdle, agility poles, and a humungous crawl-through tube. The simple design means that you can set, reset, and set the course over again, changing the layout each time.

ANW guarantees the quality and endurance of their product and promises to work with the customer to modify any product that does not fulfill these standards.

2. The Flybold Ninja Obstacle Course Line Kit

The Flybold brand is known for its “outstanding design, exceptional product quality, and affordable prices”. Their mantra of ‘more for less’ promises to deliver top quality at an affordable price. Their package includes a 40’ line with extra-wide 1.5m tree protectors, twin gear ratchets for ease of use and safety, 8 exciting obstacles that are adjustable, and feature safety strap buckles and delta rings. The easy-to-follow visual instruction manual helps you to set up in less than ten minutes and the included non-woven carry bag means that you can take this course with you wherever you go.

The Flybold kit is a dual-purpose course line that can function like an obstacle course as well as a slackline. You can remove the obstacles, loosen the line, and use it as a slackline in just ten minutes. While most other ‘family’ oriented obstacle course kits have an upper weight limit of around 200 pounds, the Flybold Slacklines has been successfully tested to hold 300 pounds. Their 40’ longer slackline, twin gear ratchet, and adjustable strap buckles score over their competitors in making their product truly suitable for all ages.

3. The SportsTrail Monkeyline Obstacle Course Kit

SportsTrail is a great companion for any of your outdoor adventures. Their Monkeyline Obstacle Course Kit is a great example of their drive for quality and high performance at an affordable price. Though advertised as suitable for kids older than 6 years, the course is quite a bit of a challenge and seems more suited for adult use. The high weight limit of 250 pounds also allows for an average-sized adult to safely train on this monkeyline. The customizable line comes with 7 different challenges, a climbing rope, tree protectors, and a free carry bag.

With a bit of practice and patience, the course can be set up almost anywhere. Littler ninjas may find the course a little challenging, but it is a great source of entertainment all around.

It should be noted that a few customers did find that welded buckles are not as safe and should be brought to the attention of the company if discovered.

Speed or agility training sets

If you are looking for something a little more professional, pro agility ladders and cones will give you an obstacle-course effect and also help you improve your speed, balance, and agility. This set is usually used by pro soccer or football players in their training sessions but can be adopted by an athlete from any sport, or even an adult looking to stay fit. These kits are different from the usual obstacle course products in that they do not involve swinging or climbing. These are usually on-the-ground activities that are surprisingly versatile and can give a great overall workout and training experience.

4. Profect Sports Pro Agility Ladder and Cones

Profect Sports promises 100% satisfaction guaranteed or 100% moneyback, no questions! That’s a tall order to fulfill, but we can see where their confidence comes from.

Their pro-quality construction and lifetime warranty guarantees customer satisfaction.

The pro agility ladder set includes a 15’ ladder that features perfectly spaced fixed rungs, 12 brightly colored speed training cones, 4 metal ground anchors, and a heavy-duty zipper bag that will help you carry the equipment around. 2 agility training e-books guide you through proven training techniques and exercises so that you get results quickly. The simplicity of the product also means that it is versatile and can be switched up to keep you challenged. No matter what fitness level you are at, get ready to take your game to the next level.

5. MLCINI Speed Agility Training Set

This agility training set comes at a higher price point, but for a reason. In addition to a 19’ agility ladder and speed training cones, the MLCINI set includes a speed training resistance chute and 4 hurdles that can be adjusted to two different heights. The gym bag that comes with the package will enable you to carry your equipment wherever you go.

MCLINI guarantees professional-grade manufacturing, meaning that their equipment is built to last. Their hurdles are made of shatter-proof plastic and are shaped to hold their own on a course. The featured resistance chute is made of durable synthetic material and comes with an adjustable, easy-to-use strap, which also ensures 360-degree rotation, meaning that you can easily change direction quickly. The agility ladder comes with adjustable rungs that can be secured in with the included steel stakes. Flexible PVC speed cones perform well on any track. They include a 180-day return/exchange/money-back guarantee so that you can buy their product with confidence.

Professional training kits for obstacle course races

Other than a family activity or a physical training routine, an obstacle course is also a professional sport that many people take very seriously. Many fitness equipment companies like Force 5 Equipment specialize in state-of-the-art outdoor obstacle course equipment. They are sold for every level of fitness and will enable you to get a serious start on your obstacle course training. This level of equipment is aimed at those who want to compete in professional obstacle course races. They can also serve as great fitness training equipment and maybe even replace a gym membership.

OUR CHOICE – Best Backyard Obstacle Course for Adults 

Our top ‘backyard obstacle course for adults’ from this list would be The Flybold Ninja Obstacle Course Line Kit. The promise of great quality and durability, the versatility, and the affordable price make this product a true winner in this competition.


An obstacle course set in your backyard is bound to be a great addition to your decor, and also a great way to ensure that you get to spend time with yourself as you develop your body and mind through physical activity. This guide and product review piece are only a starting point for you. Patient research and advice from experts will help you choose the best product on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I set up an obstacle course without trees?
    • The short answer is ‘Yes’. Some courses can be set up on the ground. But if you wanted the ‘swinging, Ninja action’ obstacle course experience, you could install it between two secure posts, set up at the required distance and height.
  • How do I ensure safety when using the obstacle course above the ground?
    • The best way to do this is to rely on reputed brands that guarantee the best quality products within your budget. It is also important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Finally, start slow and examine your product after each use.
  • Which product will be the best for me?
    • This is a very objective decision that you have to make, depending on your requirements, available space, and budget. Follow the buying guide to determine what you should consider before you buy a product.
  • Aren’t backyard obstacle courses usually meant for children? 
    • A lot of the products are usually advertised for children, but would fare magnificently as an adult activity. Some kits are meant exclusively for adults, like the Force5 training kit. Others can function at different levels for different age groups with a few adjustments.
  • What kind of a price point will I be looking at for a standard backyard obstacle course?
    • Standard obstacle course kits cost between $50 – $150. If you were to purchase more obstacles and other accessories, you could end up spending as much as $200.

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