Best Bicycle For 50 years Old Men 2020

Bicycling is the new go-to exercise hobby for lots of people in this state of a pandemic. Especially for people above 50 years old where the risk is the highest.

Cycling has the least risk of human encounter among all the recreational activities and it is also the most adventurous and easy to do for old people.

Further, a bicycle provides a great way to get around the city without getting stuck in traffic jams or adding to environmental pollution.

But which bicycle is the best for 50 years old people? With all the kinds of cycles out there, it can be confusing.

Have no worries though because in this list we have detailed a list of the best bicycles for 50 years old people taking into account comfort, stability, suspension, and ease of use.

At a glance our recommendations for 50 years old men


1) Sixthreezero Around the Block Men’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle (TOP PICK)

This bicycle is the go-to bicycle for 50 years old people or aged people in general, as it has a super comfortable design, a great build, and electric support.

Sixthreezero Around the block is perfect for people between the height of 5’ to 6’2” and has a 19-inch steel frame.

The steel frame adds to the overall build quality of the bicycle, as having one solid frame means the bicycle will be very durable and long-lasting.

Another great aspect of the bicycle is its dual spring saddle, this ensures that even on bumpy roads the saddle doesn’t move up and down erratically.

The dual spring also makes sure that you have a comfortable experience and prevents any kind of backache even on long-distance rides.

Around the block is an electric bicycle it comes with 1,3,7 and 21-speed options, basically, It makes sure that you can cycle for longer at good speeds without getting tired or overexerting yourself.

The design of the bicycle in total is made to facilitate old people, the handle is also wide, making sure that you don’t feel any discomfort even if you have shoulder problems.

Here is a list of things we think is a major upside about SixThreeZero Around the block cycle.

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2) Schwinn GTX 2.0 Comfort Hybrid Bicycle

Schwinn GTX is an amazing option for people who want a comfortable bicycle and since this bicycle is a hybrid, it will do good on roads and of road cycling.

As you age the amount you want to exert yourself slowly decreases, and where this bicycle shines as it’s very light in weight and great for old people who don’t want to exert themselves too much.

The bicycle has a full aluminum dual-sport design which makes it extremely light and great for long-range strolls.

The hybrid nature of the bicycle makes is usable on bumpy terrain, the real advantage for 50 years old’s is that hybrid nature also makes it extremely stable and comfy to ride on standard roads.

The gear shifters are really good quality and super responsive, Schwinn GTX also has a suspension fork which makes sure that even at a higher speed you don’t feel bumps.

The tires are also built with off-roading in mind, they are quite sturdy and will last long, the disc brakes also make sure that you can come to a stop in no time at all.

The low top tube of the Comfort by Schwinn makes it great for people with injured knees allowing them to paddle much more comfortably and however, they want.

Great for old people who want to have a comfortable experience both on and off-road.

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3) Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bicycle (For elders resuming cycling)

The retrospect is a bit more of a sports bicycle but it comes with some excellent features that make it a great pick for elder people around the age of 50 who are resuming cycling as a full-body exercise.

This comes in five sizes for people of all heights and sizes, However, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone over 220 lbs.

The main feature of this bicycle is its flip flop hub, this allows you to switch to single speed cruise from a fixed gear ride. Perfect for those older men who want a cycle that can ramp up in speeds from time to time while still being great for long-range steady-paced cycling.

The urban commuter has Kenda city tires measuring 700x28c, which are puncture resistant and are great at absorbing the impact and shocks from bumps.

This is a huge upside for a 50 years old, as no punctures are definitely a great advantage to have as well as having a tire that absorbs shock making sure that the rider stays comfy.

Promax brakes, riser handlebars, and freestyle pedals all aid you in controlling the bicycle even at higher speeds.

This bicycle has all the features that a veteran cyclist would want and is great for people who want to get back into cycling as a hobby.

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4) Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bicycle– Summit Ridge

The huffy hardtail mountain bicycle is an amazing pick for both men and women cyclers in their 50s.

This is a mountain bicycle but that also makes it a very comfortable and bump-free cycle for older people.

The key features of this bicycle that make us recommend it are the lightweight of the bicycle is excellent for old people and the design is made for stability while riding.

Hardtail is made with a steel frame and the total bicycle weighs less than 43 pounds, which is light enough for old people to be able to comfortably use.

It also comes with Kool 1200 suspensions and Knobby tires of 26’’ x 1.95” dimensions, both of these ensure that the rider doesn’t feel much of anything in terms of bumps.

The linear brakes make it easy for you to slowly break with ease and confidence.

Huffy Hardtail comes in three sizes; all you have to do is choose the one which suits your height the best.

The gear systems allow for a 21-speed setting which is plenty enough to find a sweet spot for a long steady paced ride or speeding.

This cycle also has a low tube design which makes it great for people with bad knees.

Overall, this cycle is extremely comfy, sturdy, and great for elders.

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5) Sixthreezero 26-Inch One speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle

If you took the sixthreezero around the block’s design, removed electric support, and added a conventional gear system. You would get this bicycle.

One speed beach cruiser has all the benefits of the around block.

This has the same solid steel frame making it durable and long-lasting. Also having a single frame adds to ease of assembly and use.

Another great aspect of the bicycle is its dual spring saddle, this ensures that even on bumpy roads the saddle doesn’t move up and down erratically.

The dual spring also makes sure that you have a comfortable experience and prevents any kind of backache even on long-distance rides.

The design of the bicycle in total is made to facilitate old people, the handle is also wide, making sure that you don’t feel any discomfort even if you have shoulder problems.

The low tube design also facilitates people with bad or injured knees to ride comfortably and stably.

Here is a list of things we think is a major upside about SixThreeZero One Speed beach cruiser.
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Buying Guide (what to look for while buying a cycle for 50 years old / things to keep in mind while purchasing a cycle for elders)

According to surveys cycling is a quickly growing hobby for elderly people, it allows them to go around and have fun without having to stress their muscles or bones.

The bonus factor of being extremely easy to do, safe, and fun makes it even more appealing.

This fun activity does require a good bicycle that why you need to keep in mind these few things while buying a bicycle for 50 years old or above people.


The bicycle frame is the single most important thing to keep in mind while purchasing as it determines whether or not you can handle the bicycle and if it is of the appropriate size.

Steel frame bicycles weigh the heaviest, while aluminum and carbon fiber bicycles are lighter and easier to handle, aluminum and carbon fiber are also rustproof, steel bicycles however have a coat of paint which makes them rush proof.

Steel frame bicycles are more heavy-duty, but they aren’t the best choice for an elderly person who’s most cycling sessions are going to be light to moderate.

Other than that, the lighter weight of the aluminum and carbon fiber frames will aid in overall usage as the cycle will be easier to operate due to less weight being pushed around while cycling.

The frame also decides how large the cycle is going to be combined with the size of the wheels, usually for a large-sized person a cycle of 26’’ is perfect, anything less is more suited to 12 years old while anything more is recommended for extremely tall people.


The saddle also makes a big difference for older people a nice wide saddle is the best option.

Also, your back at 50 isn’t the same as you back at 15 years old and it can require all the help it can get.

So, getting a saddle that will absorb most of the shock from cycling is highly recommended.

Saddles with dual springs are the best at alleviating all the stress from your back and taking the brunt of the shocks themselves.

Also, make sure to adjust your saddle in a way that when you are cycling your leg is almost completely open while paddling.

This ensures that you get the max amount of speed with the least amount of effort, and is the most comfortable position for you to be in.


Hunching down while cycling looks cool but it’s not recommended to most people unless they are professional cyclists.

At an age above 50, it’s suggested that you take the much easier position while cycling.

Preferably having a handle that allows you to sit back and relax and not hunch over is advised, A handle like the one shown in the picture will be a good pick if you want to cycle around with full comfort.

Great cycles with these kinds of handles are the Sixthreezero around the block which is electric, making it great for elders who don’t want to exert themselves, or the Sixthreezero beach cruiser which is a more standard gear cycle.

If you think that having such a handle might put you in a laid-back position then cycles like the Huffy hardtail mountain bicycle might be a better pick for you.

Regardless of the bicycle, you have handles that can of course be swapped out for another. So, if you think that a certain kind of handle will do you good then you can just get it and try it out.


There are a couple of kinds of cycles, the latest of which is Electric and it is also the one we most comfortably recommend elders or people over 50, because they make cycling for longer much easier and assist the rider, making sure that he or she doesn’t overexert themselves.

Other than that, the multi-gear cycles and single speed have been around for far longer and they are the traditional cycles which everyone is used to, they can also be used for cycling by people of 50 but those types of cycles do need maintenance, which is something to keep in mind while going for them.

A good electric bicycle that we would recommend is the Sixthreezero around the block, especially for old people.

For elders looking for a more traditional bicycle, the Sixthreezero beach cruiser is a great alternative.

FAQ regarding Cycling for 50 years old men

How Is Cycling Good for Aging Bodies?

Cycling is classified as an exercise that puts the body through the same kind of work that running would just without stressing or harming the body in any shape or form.

That’s why a lot of elderly people love to cycle around as it keeps them healthy and allows them to exercise without stressing out their joints too much.

Other than being a fun activity, it also has some very positive effects on the body as a whole, first of all, it reduces the effect of aging in the body quite significantly, elders who cycle show much higher levels of muscle mass and much better recovery times than people who don’t.

Cycling also has a variety of other benefits as well like.

  • Consistent testosterone levels in men
  • Preserved strength
  • Constant body fat levels
  • Improved Cholesterol Levels.

If you are interested in cycling as a whole try reading out an article on the best trek bike for seniors.

Tips for Cycling for 50 years old men

Cycling at an older age has a ton of benefits, but to reap those benefits the seed must be planted right, so here are some tips for elders over 50 to get the maximum fun and benefits from cycling.

  1. Protect your knees: As people get older the joints deteriorate and unlike muscles, they don’t heal, so being careful with your knees is the number one thing to keep in mind while cycling to make sure that you can cycle for longer. A good way to make sure that your knees don’t take any stress or damage is to simply keep them in a straight line from your shin to your thigh, bending inwards or outwards will lead to them getting damaged over time.
  2. Try an electric bicycle: Electric cycles are amazing in aiding the elderly to cycle, they allow the rider to exert less force while cycling and go for longer. If you are a cycler over the age of 50, we would highly recommend you try out a good electric cycle like the Sixthreezero around the block.
  3. keep your bicycle in good shape: Nothing worse than have an accident because you didn’t keep the bicycle in shape, it’s good to think of your bicycle as your body, as normally all the stress and damage would be taken by your body during an aerobic exercise session. But with cycles they are the machine taking the brunt of the damage, so you can exercise. Thus, it is highly recommended to keep your cycle in shape to avoid any accidents and also to increase the longevity of the cycle as a whole.
  4. Fuel your body: Cycling burns a lot of calories, fuel your body with snacks high in carbs so you can cycle without hitting the wall.
  5. Take your rest: As an elder, it goes without saying your body isn’t what it used to be, so be careful don’t overexert or over-train, take your rest, take care and stay healthy.

If you are someone who is approaching or is over 60, then we would recommend you check out Best bike for 60-years-olds.

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