Ultimate Guide for Selecting the Best Car Vacuum Cleaners


In this fast track world of today, vehicles form an essential part of everyone’s life and especially cars, as they provide an invaluable mode of transportation. And with kids travelling, you can always expect a lot of mess. So it is always good to have a best car vacuum cleaner handy so that you can immediately clear all the dust and dirt out and keep your car clean and hygienic. Even if you practice strict policies in your car, about no eating in the car, you can still find a lot of dirt and dust accumulated on the floor of your car, possibly came from your shoes including leaves and dirt.

Things to consider while buying a car vacuum cleaner

Car Vacuum Cleaners comes in all kinds of sizes and designs and one needs to clearly understand his requirements clearly before buying one. But one must understand his requirements, the budget and other things before stepping into a store for buying a new car vacuum cleaner. Here some suggestions laid out for you consider before buying a car vacuum cleaner.

·Suction power

While buying a car vacuum cleaner, one of the most important factors that needs to be considered is the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. The motor and the design of the cleaner determines how much suction power it can generate. Generally, corded car vacuum cleaners generate much suction power than the cordless cleaners.

·Battery Life

All cordless car vacuum cleaners run only on battery life, and hence, you need to ensure that you choose a vacuum cleaner with a longer battery life. Look for vacuum cleaners with Lithium-ion batteries, as they are normally known to provide longer battery life. Also, some vacuum cleaners come with LED charge indicators, so that you can disconnect your vacuum cleaner when the charge is full.

·Vacuum Bag Capacity

Another factor to be considered is the capacity of the dirt container or the vacuum bag. Look for car vacuum cleaners that have enough capacity to store dirt and dust into it, so that you don’t need to empty it every time you make some 5-10 strokes. Also, many car vacuum cleaners come now with one-touch bag empty techniques, so that you don’t want to get your hands dirty.

·Design and Reach

A car vacuum cleaner is only as good as its reach. A good vacuum cleaner should have the maximum reach possible to be able to clean even the most remote places and inaccessible places in a car. So make sure that in a corded vacuum cleaner, the cord is long enough to reach all the areas in the car. And in a cordless vacuum cleaner, ensure that the nozzle is slim enough to go into all areas to suck the dirt and dust out.


Another important factor that needs to be considered is the size of the car vacuum cleaners. Some of the best car vacuum cleaners are lightweight and extremely portable, that you will forget to have it inside your car.

Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in the market

Let’s have a look at the most popular car vacuum cleaners available in the market, their features and specifications.

Black & Decker AV1500

The Black Decker Av1500 is the one of the cheapest and cost-effective, yet a handy vacuum cleaner for anyone to have in their car. Equipped with a 16” power cord and 12V power adaptor, it can reach all the nook and corners of your vehicle. You can empty the dust without needing to get your hands on the dirt in a single motion. It is very compact, that you can take it wherever you go and make sure that your vehicle is always clean and free from dirt and dust. The only problem with this car vacuum cleaner is that the nozzle is a bit small and hence cannot suck some big sized particles like cereals and snacks.


Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip SD20005RED

The Dirt Devil Scorpion BD10050RED is another inexpensive handheld cordless car vacuum cleaner that helps you reach and clean all the areas of your vehicle in the most effective manner. Armed with a powerful 7 amp motor, it generates enough suction power to gobble up all kinds of dust, dirt including sand and even pebbles. Equipped with a unique Quick Flip crevice tool, it can reach all tight spaces in your car including your couch cushions and car seat gaps. Comes with a long 16-foot cord to give you the ultimate freedom to reach throughout the car interior and keep it perfectly clean in minutes. It is extremely lightweight and easy to carry, as it occupies so less space in your car. The accessories that come with this car vacuum cleaner are a dusting brush, hose, Quick Flip Crevice tool, shoulder strap along with an extension.

ArmorAll AA255

The ArmorAll AA255 is one of the best car vacuum cleaners that is compact and yet powerful with a 2HP motor. It picks up all the dust and dirt over your car mats easily and quickly. The powerful blower helps in cleaning your car grilles and wheels. It is designed to be used in both wet and dry conditions, thanks to its durable motor. With a 6-foot hose suction pipe, it can reach to even the remote corners of the car for an efficient cleaning. It is lightweight and compact in design, which enables the handling of the vacuum cleaner so easy. With a unique auto-shut feature, it automatically shuts down to prevent overflow of air into your vehicle. The top handle of the vacuum cleaner helps you carry it easily and the built-in noise diffuser makes sure that not much noise is generated when the cleaning process is on.

Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Corded Handheld Vacuum, 47R51

The Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Corded Handheld Vacuum provides for another powerful and lightweight vacuum cleaner with a powerful suction technology that can suck all the dirt and dust from your car so quickly. Since it comes with a compact design, it is easy to carry anywhere you go and doesn’t require more space in your boot. It comes with a long 18-foot cord so that you can easily reach to all the areas in your car while cleaning. The flexible rubber nozzle allows you to clean all the dirt, hair and other small dust particles efficiently. Additional tools provided with this vacuum cleaner include mouth tool, crevice tool, hose and a hose adaptor tool. The Dirt container is pretty much transparent, so you can see for yourself clearly when the container is full and you need to dispose of the dirt. It is also one of the best car vacuum cleaners that would be really handy when you require a quick clean-up before you go to the office.

Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum, 71B

This lightweight, powerful and easy to use hand-held vacuum cleaner from Eureka, eliminates the need for chugging along a big and heavy vacuum cleaner from your house on to the garage for cleaning your car. The Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum is equipped with a 20-foot long powerful suction cord it gives you great reach and can stretch longer than its original size for maximum cleaning. The cord can also be wrapped when not in use. Even tight and small crevices can be cleaned easily using the crevice tool on the end of the hose. The high suction power is obtained with the help of twin motors, where one motor delivers the necessary power to the rotating brush and the other takes care of the suction process. It is an ideal vacuum cleaner for a quick clean-up and also when required to clean small areas in the most efficient way. Other features of this vacuum cleaner include the Riser Visor Nozzle Cover that can help you clean both flat and vertical surfaces easily with the help of the rotating brush. The controls are easily reachable while cleaning, so you easily turn it on and off.

Black & Decker PAV1200W

The Black & Decker PAV1200W is another handy car vacuum cleaner from the house of Black & Decker. With a powerful cyclonic action, the filter stays clean for a longer period and also the suction power stays constant during the entire cleaning process. Also, equipped with a slim pivoting nozzle and with a 16ft cord, it helps you reach areas in your car where all those dirt, food particles and dust sneak in easily. With a one-step easy empty feature, you can easily dispose of the dirt, without needing to get your hands dirty in any way. The filter refresh knob allows you to clean the filter quickly so that the suction power is increased. The hand-held vacuum occupies less space in your car, as you can easily fold to make it even more compact. Items that come along with the vacuum cleaner include crevice tool, filter, upholstery brush, 16-foot cord and storage bag.


With a BLACK & DECKER CHV1410L vacuum cleaner, you can always expect that the equipment is ready for use, as it can hold the charge for almost 18 hours incredibly. So even after a long trip, you can still use the cleaner to clean your vehicle, as soon as you reach the destination. Thanks to the Lithium-ion battery that helps to provide the amazing long battery life for this cleaner, making it one of the best car vacuum cleaner of all times. Equipped with a powerful cyclonic action, that helps in generating a lot of suction power to gobble up all the dust and dirt from your car thoroughly and quickly. The dirt container is translucent, which enables you to view the container if it’s empty or full. One can get everything they need from a hand vac if you go for the BLACK & DECKER CHV1410L, as you avail longer battery life, great suction power, a translucent dirt container along with a multi-surface cleaning rotating slim nozzle. A charging base is provided and hence, it cannot be wall mounted for charging.

Black and Decker Pivot Vac PHV1810

The Black and Decker Pivot Vac PHV1810 is also one the best car vacuum cleaners available in the market. Equipped with a powerful 18V motor, it can generate lots of suction power with its cyclonic action but still doesn’t generate much noise when cleaning. The filters are also cleaned automatically by the cyclonic action so that the suction speed is not reduced at any point in time. The crevice tool at the end of the nozzle is extendable and reach all hard-to-reach areas in your car including space under your seat, the crevices in your seat cover, under the mat with ease. With an innovative foldable design, it can be folded in half for convenient storage and transportation. Fitted with an LED charge indicator to let you know when the charge is full and has easy one-touch controls for ease of use.

Black & Decker BDH2000PL

Black and Decker is one of the most trusted brands in the field of producing the best car vacuum cleaners in the world. Time and again, it comes with a new version of a vacuum cleaner that surprises everyone in the industry with its innovative design and technology. People who are looking for some powerful and strong vacuum cleaner can go for the Black & Decker BDH2000PL, which is an all-purpose vacuum cleaner equipped with 20V power Lithium Pivot battery to provide great suction power. The Lithium Pivot is handy enough, that comes with a crevice tool attached to the device along with a brush to tackle all kinds of mess quickly and easily. The unique pivot nose helps you to reach all non-reachable areas in your car and clear all kinds of dust, dirt and allergen from your car effectively. With a charging base provided, you simply need to place the cleaner over the charging base to charge it quickly. The washable dirt container is large and can provide better results if washed frequently. The inbuilt filter flicker works automatically to gain power from the motor to clean the filter from any debris collected on it to enhance the suction power.

Dyson V6 Trigger

The Dyson V6 Trigger is an expensive vacuum cleaner that can generate the two times the power of any other vac out there in the market. One unique feature that differentiates Dyson D6 Trigger with another vacuum cleaner is that, with other car vacuum cleaners, the suction power gradually fades with time, but it is not the case with Dyson D6. It is extremely lightweight with a beautiful ergonomic design to fit right in your hand comfortably. It is designed in such a way the center of gravity is focused towards the grip, so handling the car vacuum cleaner should be comfortably easy.

Benefits of Using a Car Vacuum Cleaner

Some of the main advantages of using a car vacuum cleaner are that they are compact and lightweight and easy to use. With the entry of cordless car vacuum cleaners, you don’t need to park your car near a power source to clean your car. Where ever you are, you can always clean your car, in case of emergencies, when your child spills some chips and snacks or spills some coffee on to the seats while driving.

They are versatile and powerful. If you are lucky enough to get hands on a car vacuum cleaner that comes with a lot of accessories, then you can virtually clean almost every part of the car, either interior or exterior. The crevice tool can sneak into all kinds of hard to reach the surface to suck all kinds of dirt and dust under your mat, under your seat etc.

Tips for Using Car Vacuum for Best Results

Cleaning your car can one of the tedious and frustrating job that you need to carry out once in a week if you are serious enough to keep your car clean. Here are some tips that will help you get the best results possible:

  • Make sure you clean all the trash and stuff that can be easily picked up by hand, before using a car vacuum cleaner in areas like door pockets, holders and floors.
  • Also, remove the floor mats completely out of the car, so you know exactly how much dirt is present in the car. One more reason to remove your door mat is that it will be easy for you to clean the mats too
  • Always make sure to use the right tools for the right job. When cleaning the floor, make sure to use the powerful nozzle and use the rotating brush when cleaning your car seats and all.
  • Start by cleaning out all the loose dirt as much as possible, before going on to remove all the intricate stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What are the types of car vacuum cleaners available?

Car vacuum cleaners come in a variety of designs and sizes. Some of the major types of car vacuum cleaners available in the market are:

Cordless Vacuums: These are also portable and handy vacuum cleaners that can come with some good suction power. But you need to make sure that you have sufficient power before going on a trip.

Corded Car Vacuums: These are the most powerful car vacuum cleaners, but the only thing is that your car needs to be near a power source to use this type of vacuum cleaner.

12V Car Vacs: These are extremely portable car vacuum cleaners that can be powered using your 12v car cigarette lighter so that you don’t want to search for a power outlet to charge it. You can take them anywhere you go and charge instantly with the 12V car cigarette lighter and have your car cleaned from dust and dirt always, even in your long weekend trip.

2.     Do more amps mean better cleaning?

If someone tells you that a vacuum cleaner is better if it had more amps, think again, as these are just numbers to indicate the electric power used by the motor. The performance of a vacuum cleaner involves a lot of factors, including suction power, air flow, the size of the cord etc.

3.     What are all the accessories that come with a vacuum cleaner?

With a vacuum cleaner, you can get accessories like the suction cord, washable filter, storage bag, crevice tool, upholstery brush etc. When you are cleaning the floor of your car, you should be using the powerful nozzle and while cleaning your car seats need to the use the brush for better cleaning.

4.     How often should I vacuum?

Normally when you drive your car through high traffic areas daily, you can have it vacuumed everyday. But if you don’t think every day vacuuming could be done with your busy lifestyle, you can schedule a bi-weekly cleaning process and concentrate on the most used areas for quick and easy cleaning.

5.     How many strokes do you need to keep your car mat cleaner?

Generally, six to seven strokes are enough on areas that are heavily used like your car mat and 3-4 strokes on areas that are lightly used. Nowadays, vacuum cleaners with dirt sensors are available, which can tell you which area has the most dust and requires immediate cleaning.

6.     How often should I change the filter on my vacuum?

Once you see that the filter is heavily damaged, dirty and torn, then you need to immediately change the filter. But HEPA filters need to be changed only once in six months.


Once you’ve decided to buy a car vacuum cleaner, you’ll instantly hit with a lot of choices whether you visit your nearby store or browser for the best car vacuum cleaners online. Make sure you have properly understood the need for a vacuum cleaner, your budget, the size of your car, suction power, reach and design, battery life and portability. If you are serious enough to buy a car vacuum cleaner that fits all these criteria, then prepare to shed some money to buy the perfect vacuum cleaner that can provide better performance and longer life.

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