Best Foosball Table Under $1000- A Guide to Choose the Perfect one

Overview : If you are indulged in the “foosball fever” then you’re thinking of getting better into it, for sure— or even have started the search-to-get-there journey. Foosball is an incredible and full of fun game, that anybody would want to play with friends and family. This guide will provide you the complete knowledge and comparison for the Best Foosball Tables Under $1000.

Best Competitor Choices

Hey folks! If you are confused among thousands of guides available on the internet regarding the best foosball tables under a friendly budget, then here we are to help you narrow down your choices to only the genuine options. We’ve spent a lot of time comparing all the top models and brands to which ones offer worthy products for the money, you have to pay for them– It doesn’t matter how small your budget is, we have selected a list of products with a good price range under $1000..

Factors to consider while choosing the Best Foosball Table under $1000:

The foosball table is not just a table for playing the fun game rather it provides multiple reasons to buy it without any delay.

Foosball tables are available in a wide range of budgets that can fit everyone’s pocket as per their needs and requirements. This Guide is exclusively written to provide you related information regarding the best Foosball table under $1000 with all the features mentioned in detail.

Following are some important things to consider while buying the best Foosball table:

  • Size of Foosball Table
  • Its weight, it should not be too heavy not too light.
  • Table material should be rigid enough to support fierce shots
  • Composite,
  • Table surface shouldn’t be rough
  • Legs should be leveled
  • Number of players,
  • Goalies,
  • Rods
  • Players’ skill level.

List of Foosball Tables under 1000$:

1. ZXQZ 4 in 1 Combo Game Table:


The Best Quality material used to build this Foosball Table makes this unique. On this compact, lightweight, highly sturdy, space-saving table, have hours of fun competing with friends and family. Some of its major features include:

  • 4 in 1 multi-function game table.
  • Professional Quality – PVC-coated high-density board material.
  • Assembly is expected, but instructions are included..


  • Chrome-plated steel rods that won’t bend, sure-grip grips, and long-lasting ABS molded foosball players.
  • Moving between four games is easy and fast.
  • Design that saves room making it easy to integrate the gaming table into your game room and kid’s room.


2. ZXQZ Foosball Table:

A1/2″ diameter chrome plated steel rods and ergonomic rubber hand grips, the 47-inch Table Top Foosball measures47″ x23″ x 31″. This tabletop game is designed to withstand both practise games with children and intense rounds with adults. This is a second personal favorite in the economic category.

Check out the latest prices at Amazon, link is given below:



  • 1.2m 8-bar table football
  • Assembled dimensions: 1.2×0.8×0.6m

The most amazing feature, which is mostly available on high-end tables, is there are no dead ends, and the football field is flat and vibrant, meaning that the ball does not get lost when you are playing, and it was built with a paddle on the goal to keep the ball from flying out while you score.

Other features, leg levellers for stability, End ball return units, Soft grip handles, Score counter. Easy to assemble and perfect for hours of family fun.

Product features:

  • Elegant & Durable
  • Quality of ZXQZ Brand
  • Foam padding is used to cover the legs.

3. CJVJKN Classic Foosball Table

This tabletop hand soccer game is a premium table, designed to bring excitement to every basement, game room, man cave, lounge, arcade, or patio, unlike certain transportable foosball boards that are created solely for entertainment.

This flexible and easy-to-use immersive furniture can provide hours of entertainment for both children and adults. Strong timber construction and solid steel rods have a durable and stable structure that can last a long time.


  • Dimensions: 140*75*86cm
  • MDF fiber board, digital scorer, thick frame-
  • 16kg


4. CJVJKN Folding Table Football

Nothing can beat the fun game of foosball. Whether you’re playing with your family and friends to spending quality time or you are part of fierce competition, you must ensure the quality of the foosball table, you are playing with. The cross support beams and L leg construction are very sturdy. This indoor board game table is a lot of fun for the whole family, particularly the kids.

So, don’t wait much to get the gang together for an exciting game of foosball. This table is best suited for your home in your main dwelling, trip house, or even a dorm game room, alike. Just purchase this beauty and place it wherever you want and watch people gathering around. Also, note the important fact that this foosball table is not best rated for commercial usage.


  • Dimensions: 121 * 79 * 61 cm
  • Overall Weight: 25 KG
  • Durable 3mm MDF


5. Pinpoint Foosball Table


If you are interested in buying a super unique design foosball table with reliable quality, the 29in x 59in x 34in (W x L x H) table is a compact table soccer kit that is light in weight that can be moved to a new place or taken to a friend’s home.

To survive any strong motions and improve the tables longevity, the compact soccer family game table has a laminated wooden finish and 18mm thick MDF/PVC table legs. The table soccer game includes 22 high-impact polystyrene players divided into two teams (red and royal blue), each of which is lined up in a 2-5-3 formation.


  • 29in x 55in x 34in | 74cm x 140cm x 86cm (W x L x H)
  • Area of Play: 27in x 46in | 69cm x 117cm (W x L)
  • 1/2″ Thick Playing Field
  • Laminated wooden finish
  • 2x balls made from 31mm quality plastic
  • 8x telescopic poles to easily fit the players

Conclusion & Recommendation:

There are several parameters for choosing the best foosball table to buy. There are several foosball tables in the market under $1000, thus a wide range gives a tough time to the buyer in the decision-making process. The above guide has been written to provide a guideline to interested buyers in making the best decision as per their requirements. As per my personal choice of the foosball table, ZXQZ 4 in 1 Combo Game Table is my top priority according to its price to quality ratio. Providing premium features and a unique design.

My second-best choice is ZXQZ Foosball TableThis Foosball table is designed in the best as it gives a furniture-like look when placed at home and also, catches the attention of people wherever it is placed. This is not the only reason for choosing this foosball table among all others, but because, with a beautiful design it comes with a quality that is unbeatable at this price.

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