Best Foosball Table Under $1000

Best Foosball Table Under $1000- A Guide to Choose the Perfect one

Overview : If you are indulged in the “foosball fever” then you’re thinking of getting better into it, for sure— or even have started the search-to-get-there journey. Foosball is an incredible and full of fun game, that anybody would want to play with friends and family. This guide will provide you the complete knowledge and comparison for the Best Foosball Tables Under $1000.

Best Competitor Choices

Hey folks! If you are confused among thousands of guides available on the internet regarding the best foosball tables under a friendly budget, then here we are to help you narrow down your choices to only the genuine options. We’ve spent a lot of time comparing all the top models and brands to which ones offer worthy products for the money, you have to pay for them– It doesn’t matter how small your budget is, we have selected a list of products with a good price range under $1000..

Factors to consider while choosing the Best Foosball Table under $1000:

The foosball table is not just a table for playing the fun game rather it provides multiple reasons to buy it without any delay.

Foosball tables are available in a wide range of budgets that can fit everyone’s pocket as per their needs and requirements. This Guide is exclusively written to provide you related information regarding the best Foosball table under $1000 with all the features mentioned in detail.

Following are some important things to consider while buying the best Foosball table:

  • Size of Foosball Table
  • Its weight, it should not be too heavy not too light.
  • Table material should be rigid enough to support fierce shots
  • Composite,
  • Table surface shouldn’t be rough
  • Legs should be leveled
  • Number of players,
  • Goalies,
  • Rods
  • Players’ skill level.

List of Foosball Tables under 1000$:

1. Warrior Professional Foosball Table:


The Best Quality material used to build this Foosball Table makes the unique of its kind. The table is available with leg levelers with it so you can get a straight surface effect despite putting it onto a rough floor or wherever you put it.

Some of its major features include:

  • Easy Assemblance of its parts – It can be assembled in 25 minutes approximately with a single and simple tool. Delivered to your doorstep.
  • Professional Quality – Counterbalanced foosball men with split bearings for efficient and smoother shots. Exceptional ball control.
  • Durable Structure – Enhanced Pro-style ball-return-system which means the ball is channeled to the center of the table without pipes. Men assembled on rods make it faster to complete structure. Swivel foot levelers make it adjust on any kind of surface.
  • Novice Players Safety – For the protections of kid and unskillful adults, the Rod guard system is available in it. Helps to prevent injuries while playing faster.

If you want to find out more about this incredible, yet affordable table finds it on YouTube as in below:


  • It has leg levelers which makes it the best choice for placing it on any rough surface
  • Counterbalanced players
  • Approved by ITSF and USTSF, thus nobody can doubt its quality and durability.


  • Warrior Professional Foosball Table has a major drawback that it has a slower-paced ball which can be beneficial for newbie foosball players but can be boring for professional foosball players who are used to fast-paced tournaments.

You can buy this product without any doubt, refer to below amazon link for buying:

Best Foosball Table Under $1000 - Warrior Professional Foosball Table

2. KICK Splendor Foosball Table:

Kick is an unknown brand to most of the foosball players like me, but I had got the chance to play at one of the bars. Prices vary but you can get it for under 500$. This is a second personal favorite in the economic category.

Check out the latest prices at Amazon, link is given below:

best foosball table under $1000 - KICK Splendor Foosball Table


  • Counterbalanced men
  • 1/2-inch-thick playing field
  • Assembled dimensions:  55 x 30 x 36 inches

Don’t think of it as a cheap foosball table, even under 500$, it provides some amazing features. Let me highlight a few of those.

The most amazing feature, which is mostly available on high-end tables, is counterbalanced players. Most of the foosball players know about it, but let me explain, actually when you turn the men upside down to clear the line of the shoot ( for example you are playing on one game and trying to increase your accuracy), the men won’t come down. This is best for enhancing your skills. Make a round shot, spinning shot, or practice some new skills in the open field.

Another feature, (which is technically not a feature) is the looks of the table. Its wooden design looks classic and antique. You can even place it in your drawing room. If it was for the design only, it will be selecting that, eyes closed.

Product features:

  • Elegant & Durable
  • It Comes with Counter Balanced & Uniformed Men Set
  • Quality of KICK Brand
  • Unlimited Lifetime Warranty
  • Table Dimensions: 55″ L X 30″ W X 36″ H

You can check the below video for a complete feature list.

3. Shelti 56” Foos 200 Foosball Table

Description: The Shelti Foos 200 Foosball Table gives the finest specifications, features, and greater performance for an unbelievable price. It includes counterbalanced men, which includes a regulation-size, chrome plated rods with 3 man goalie, two ball returns, wooden legs, playfield with full perimeter and 1 Inch wide MDF walls. The perfect-competition-grade Foos 200 is an ideal piece of fun for skillful and novice players alike. The top construction can beat even your fiercest race and with features included such as compression bumpers ”lock on men”, this table boosts your performance! Breakthrough technology and attention to detail make the Foos 200 from Shelti one of the best high execution home game tables available.

This product is unquestionable evidence of a quality product that isn’t expensive. If you’re fond of having the best foosball table under a $1000 budget, the Shelti Foos is the best choice among its competitor products. The perfect balance of counterbalanced men, which includes a regulation-size, chrome plated rods with 3 man goalie, two ball returns, wooden legs, playfield with full perimeter and 1 Inch wide MDF walls. The Shelti Foos is such an outstanding Foosball table that is designed to satisfy its players. Its Foot 880-tooth grip and the perfect size for finest ball control and capture, add more worth to its features. Moreover, exclusive Compression Bumpers are included with “Lock-on-Men” and Will not “walk” on the rod. Playfield walls are made of natural rubber cushions.


  • Dimensions: Weight – 215 lbs., 29” W x 56” L x 36” H.
  • ”Stay-In-Play” Field Trim: This gives very slight increase along playfield walls so that balls won’t get halted / Full-Perimeter Playfield Support: Playfield sleeved into slits on the side and goal walls for dependably rigid/approachable play
  • Legs: Levelers wrapped in 3.25 x 4 Inch Wood Vinyl 3 1/4” x 4”, Levelers 3 Floor available
  • Player Foot is right-angled with 880 tooth grips, front & back. Counterbalanced Men: Stay ”parked” anywhere within range of 360 Degrees / High Asset, Walls made with natural rubber cushions, 3 Man Goalie included, Foot edges with a high pitch to stable shots. Counterbalanced Men: Stay ”parked” anywhere within range of 360 Degrees / High Asset.
  • Breakfront Wall Width: 1 Inch, Breakfront Height: 12 Inch, Tough Melamine Covered, fine equipment looks, ”Mahogany” External: mar-resistant and chip.


Manufacturer Part NumberGS-A-DC-1
Assembled Product Weight215 lbs

Check for recent price and reviews by clicking on the below amazon link:

Best Foosball Table Under $1000 - Shelti 56” Foos 200 Foosball Table

You may also visit YouTube guide and review of this product by clicking on the given link:


4. Fairview Game Rooms 55” Furniture Style Foosball Table with Queen Anne Legs

Description: Nothing can beat the fun game of foosball. Whether you’re playing with your family and friends to spending quality time or you are part of fierce competition, you must ensure the quality of the foosball table, you are playing with, is not compromising. Fairview Game Rooms Provides the best offer of giving quality, durability, and good looks under one purchase. This Beauty monster foosball table is designed to give complement any game room with its strong all-wood structure, no matter the room is of your home or any professional gaming club. Veneer inlay cabinet adds stunning design to this foosball table. The Queen Anne Legs gives this table a definite royal look with an antique touch. The score counters are set into the breakfront to give the table a lustrous look. With this beauty, you can have the best quality time with friends and family at home without spending too much money while going on an outing for the sake of entertainment. This Foosball table doesn’t require you to be professional to play it. No hard and fast rules to follow in this game which makes it easy to understand. A game that does anti-stress therapy: If you had a bad day you can play this game aggressively to take out all the stress and negative thoughts from you. 


So, don’t wait much to get the gang together for an exciting game of foosball. This table is best suited for your home in your main dwelling, trip house, or even a dorm game room, alike. Just purchase this beauty and place it wherever you want and watch people gathering around. Also, note the important fact that this foosball table is not best rated for commercial usage.

You can visit the below YouTube link for a full-fledged demo:


  • Dimensions: 30 Inch D x 35 Inch H x 55 Inch W
  • Overall Weight: 160 lbs.
  • Height: 35″
  • Width: 55″
  • Length: 30″
  • Shipping Dimensions: 59″ x 32″ x 11″
  • Shipping Weight (on Pallet): 215 lbs.

For Further guidance and reviews of this foosball table, you may find it on amazon by simply clicking on provided link: Fairview Game Rooms Furniture Style Home Foosball Table with Queen Anne Legs reviews

Best Foosball Table Under $1000- Fairview Game Rooms 55” Furniture Style Foosball Table with Queen Anne Legs

5 KICK 55” Galaxy Foosball Table


If you are interested in buying a super unique design foosball table with reliable quality, then stop getting confused and buy the KICK Galaxy foosball table without any delay! This table will definitely be a star of every room no matter wherever you put it in and it will be the beauty of every party you organize. This is a good-looking, impressive, and durable foosball table but the foosball experience that originates with it is even better! Don’t let the other hyped-designed foosball tables fool you with no trustworthy quality; this foosball table will make you fall in love with its structure and design!


One of the special features of its design is that it has a head-turner and it also contributes to the firmness of the table. The special leg’s design provides the table stability and it looks good! The panes between its legs ensure that the table wouldn’t shake no matter how fierce your foosball match is. When we talk about the foosball cabinet, it’s pretty amazing red and brown color combination make it beautiful of its kind so you can be sure it will impress even the most cynic footers. Now come to the main feature that cannot be ignored, which is its 1/2″ thick playing field! Yes, we are highlighting counterbalanced men with metal body which allows you to do accurate ball control no matter how you’re doing your shot and that is all that matters while playing. Moving around these metallic men was never this easy but a big thanks to the No-slip handles in red, attached to the semi-solid stainless-steel telescopic rods.

This foosball table is available with two sets of metal players that are systematized for a 1-man goalie set up. As there is no doubt about the amazing design and captivating looks of this foosball table and it also comes with the premium features, but this is not all you get while purchasing this lovely product-You will get a warranty of lifetime but you don’t have to pay extra for it. Yes! That is true, Kick is offering you free shipping on this and many other tables so order yours today!

Customer Satisfaction:

A few of the Reviews of the customers who have bought this from the Kick store are:

Best Foosball Table Under $1000 customer reviews - KICK 55” Galaxy Foosball Table


  • Table Dimensions: 61″ L X 35″ W X 35″ H
  • Table Weight: 141 Lbs.
  • 1/2″ Thick Playing Field
  • Side Ball Return on Each Side
  • Slide Scoring Mounted on Each End
  • 1-Goalie Design
  • 8 Quality-oriented Telescopic rods with Stainless-Steel chrome plated.
  • 4 Soccer Style Foosballs
  • 8 Screw on Red Handles4 Soccer Style Foosballs
  • 8 Screw on Red Handles

Refer to the below amazon link for this product for further guidance:

Best Foosball Table Under $1000 - KICK 55” Galaxy Foosball Table

Conclusion & Recommendation:

There are several parameters for choosing the best foosball table to buy. There are several foosball tables in the market under $1000, thus a wide range gives a tough time to the buyer in the decision-making process. The above guide has been written to provide a guideline to interested buyers in making the best decision as per their requirements. As per my personal choice of the foosball table, Warrior Professional Foosball is my top priority according to its price to quality ratio. Apart from providing premium features and a unique design, this foosball table also includes a lifetime warranty with it without paying extra money.

My second-best choice is “Fairview Game Rooms 55” Furniture Style Foosball Table with Queen Anne LegsThis Foosball table is designed in the best as it gives a furniture-like look when placed at home and also, catches the attention of people wherever it is placed. This is not the only reason for choosing this foosball table among all others, but because, with a beautiful design it comes with a quality that is unbeatable at this price.

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