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Road bikes are usually Lightweight, efficient bikes for recreational riding, mostly on smooth pavements, but most people find them uncomfortable and unstable on unpaved and bumpy trails. Most road bikes are also not capable of carrying heavy loads. Compared to a complex mountain bike, it’s a traditional bicycle with an almost similar silhouette to those raced 50 years ago.

You already know that cycling brings us benefits such as tremendously reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease. It helps in keeping obesity at bay, which in turn can cause lots of other health problems. Limbs and muscle movements keep one active and agile in the face of the approaching older age. Biking also preserves overall good health. A cycling trip is also a good, refreshing way to keep safe and active, have fun alone or with your loved ones and minimize your exposure to environmental pollution.

Bicycling to work is becoming quite popular, especially in some western countries, because of the fact that it is healthy and environment-friendly while also providing a way out from annoying traffic jams and saving you some good bucks, earlier spent on your fuel. Every year, people also organize annual events “Bike-to-work day”. This event takes place throughout the United States. And manufacturers do not miss their chance to create the best bicycles for seniors every year.

Especially after Covid-19 hit the world the significance of bicycling has been realized by many, especially the senior people, as it provides healthy socially distant means of commuting – whether to work or for fun. And an effective exercise available without hitting the crowded gyms! 

So, let’s check out some options

Top 5 Best Road Bikes For 50 Year old Man, and above:

Listed and described below are the picks we consider to be worthy of your money. Check them out.

1. Sixthreezero Around The Block Men’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle


  • Steel Frame
  • Single Speed
  • 26 Inches Wheel size
  • Rigid Suspension
  • Available in Multiple Colors
  • Linear-pull brakes

Compelling Features & Advantages:

This bike is simply styled and amply comfortable testified by a lot many customers who are already proud owners of it.

Available in a variety of colors, this retro-styled, low-cost beach cruiser is meant for a nice and comfy ride highly recommended for men 50 years old and above. It bears and manages the weight of the rider efficiently. So all you big guys out there, go for it!

The bike has a 19-inch long-lasting frame made of steel which is easy to assemble, with idiot-proof instructions. It is ideal for urban riding and also for some light trail excursions.

The Sixthreezero Beach Cruiser for Men model is one of the best bikes comfy for a relaxed ride in the town as it covers all the great characteristics that a good cruiser bicycle must have for guys, middle to old age.

Perfect mix of convenience, reliability, elegance and price renders it one of the best investments you can ever make for some recreation and good health.

For a classic style with a contemporary look, this bike has the normal seating and design that makes the rider’s back and shoulder relaxed in a straight position. The upright seating alternative is an excellent option especially for guys above 50.

The saddle has dual spring and large cruiser handlebar comes with a foam grip that allows you guys to handle it like a pro. It’s also a single-speed setup, ideal for flat terrains and suitable for those who would rather focus on the beauty of their surroundings rather than worry about shifting gears.

26 inch, 2.125-inch diameter alloy wheels with big waffle tires offer a padded ride for a safe and fast cycling experience without much effort, riding smoothly over the bumpy pavements and terrains. The coaster braking system allows the rider to slow down or stop the bike just by back paddling

Despite its durable and elegant construction and large tires, the weight of bike is still minimal which helps in greater agility, easy-to-maneuver and simple in controlling this light-weight model for men over 50.

The bike comes equipped with a back-rack for optional containers / baskets.  This bike will give you everything you might want on a cruiser bike, or maybe even more than what you’ve ever dreamt of.


Apart from a few complaints regarding the assembling process, most buyers seem happy with their choice.

Our verdict:

Pick this bike right now, and you won’t regret it later, or ever!
Best Road Bikes For 50 Year old Man 1

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2. Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bikes


  • Light-weight Aluminum frame
  • Shock resistant suspension fork.
  • Large 2-inch, 700c wheels
  • Equipped with a convenient Back-carrier
  • Promax alloy, linear-pull brakes
  • 21-speed SRAM grip shifter,
  • Easy to assemble, maneuver and control 

Compelling Features & Advantages:

Though Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike is one of the best bicycles for men over 50, because of its retro and stylish design it suits both genders and all ages, occupations & body structures.

It is light-weight and compact with its durable aluminum frame which is easy to assemble too. The bike comes in a 16-inch and 18-inch frame which is step-through. Fenders are also provided to keep mud and rainwater off the biker. So now you guys can venture out in style!

To ensure an easy and smooth ride this bicycle is fitted with a powerful front suspension fork to counter bumpy patches and sidewalks.  Ultimate gears of 21 speeds make the unit move smoothly on any terrain from busy urban roads to rocky surfaces.

Moreover, the stylish and adjustable handlebar which is upright and swept-back will guarantee a ride that leaves you feeling energetic and youthful even in your 50’s. The nature of the handlebar enhances the controlling capacity of the users and requires the least effort when riding, so you can have a happy and leisurely ride whenever you feel like it.

The built-in rack at the back is a convenient feature for you to put your water bottles and snacks while venturing out for excursions, or for your office paraphernalia in case you are biking to work.

It has a beautiful cushioned saddle and hydraulic suspension seat and shock resistant suspension fork for easy breezy riding. Large 2 inch, 700c wheels characterize this model’s beauty and practicality while making the ride more relaxing and enjoyable.

It also has a 21-speed SRAM grip shifter and rear derailleur which make pedaling uphill easier and will be perfect for the sporty-spirited biker in you. This hybrid model is equipped with a basic brake which is made of Promax alloy and is linear- pull in nature allowing you an immediate halt if, and when desired so that slowing down also becomes smooth and easy. Build to make suburban and metropolitan riding a breeze, it is also ideal for recreational bikers.


  • Some customers complain about the brakes’ low quality and durability.
  • At times there is an issue with the stability and durability of the built-in rack at the back too.

Our Verdict:

Efficiency, style, features, speed options make your ride a comfortable experience, worthy of the hard-earned cash you spend on it.

Best Road Bikes For 50 Year old Man 2

3, Raleigh Talus 3 Bike


  • Aluminum Frame
  • Progressive wheel sizing: 27. 5″ on XS, S and 29″ on M, L, XL
  • Tetra M280 mechanical disc brakes
  • 100mm of coil-sprung suspension to soak up bumps
  • Shimano 3×7 speed drivetrain
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Comfortable cushioned seat

 Compelling Features & Advantages:

Talus 3 Raleigh Bike models are ranked as the best road bikes, because of their modern, elegant and well-built style, for 50 years old men. The product is easy to assemble and comes with a wide variety of sizes to select: from extra-small to extra-large, to suit the cyclist height.

This Bike has been modified and upgraded by the manufacturer as far as design and product quality is concerned to suit the needs of a 50-year-old man.  One of the best features of this bike is its hydraulic disk brakes which provide best stopping feature.  Outstanding speed because of Shimano 3×7 speed drivetrain means you’ll always find the perfect gear considering the need of the moment.  The suspension fork adds to the convenience in riding.  The highly accurate gearshift has 21-speed automatic braking system which provides the best stop feature.

There is a limited lifetime warranty on the frame for as long as the original retail purchaser owns the bicycle, providing confidence to the buyer in his choice.


  • Somewhat costly in comparison.
  • Tires have complaints of not being much durable.
  • No fenders provided.

 Our Verdict:

Raleigh Talus 3 Bike enjoys excellent customer reviews and bestselling status because of its outstanding features. With the assurance of a lifetime warranty you would not mind the somewhat high cost, and the warranty will take care in case there is any problem with the tires. So in terms of value, you get what you pay for, and then a little extra more!
Best Road Bikes For 50 Year old Man 3

4. Retrospec Mantra V2 Fixed Gear Bicycle


  • Hand-made TIG-welded with high tensile strength frame of steel.
  • Horizontal dropouts(Forged )& chain tensioner’s (integrated )bar spin clearance (ready) & no toe over-lap
  • Pro-max dual-pivot calipers (alloy ) & hinged levers(alloy )
  • Cartridge bearing hubs which is sealed with a flip flop hub
  • Kenda Kwest 28 C tires, pedals ( VP platform) chain(KMC ) & speedy deep V alloy rims along with the machined brake tracks
  • 3-piece Forged alloy crank length = 165mm chain wheel = 46T
  • Alloy-riser bar(Lightweight), width = 520mm, height = 30mm

Compelling Features & Advantages:

If you need a bike for a 50-year-old man, that provides smooth and most convenient rides, Retrospec’s Mantra V2 bike is the perfect option for a comfortable commuter road bike as it is fitted with a range of features.  Most reviewers praise that the bike is strong, easy to ride and elegantly built with quality materials, with a classy yet functional style.

The retro and basic look is because of a sturdy steel, high quality frame for simple riding, racing and cruising. The bike is simple to ride, carry and store. Metropolitan traffic congestion is a big concern and challenge for older men, who still bike to work.  The bike’s sealed cartridge and flip-flop hub can easily switch between riding fixed-gear or single-speed with the freewheel. Freestyle pedals provide the ease and convenience needed in navigating traffic jams. Front and rear handbrakes make the bike easy to maneuver.

Even though it’s a single speed bicycle, this Mantra V2 unit comprises a nice padded seat providing comfort and relief.  The handlebars are fitted with leather grips to create the most comfortable holding experience.


  • Can be considered costly.
  • Fenders are missing in this model.
  • Not ideal for those who like fast bikes.  

Our Verdict:

If comfort is your top priority as a senior 50-year-old, Retrospec Mantra V2 Fixed Gear Bicycle could be the road bike you’ve been looking for, while on your way to work or for casual biking in your neighborhood. However, if you are looking for a fast bike for your adventurous rides on bumpy terrains, then this might not be ideal for you. 

Best Road Bikes For 50 Year old Man 4

5. Sixthreezero Ride in The Park Road Bicycle


  • Aluminum Frame
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 85 Percent Assembled
  • 7 Speed Gears
  • Front and rear handbrakes
  • 700x32c wheels
  • Rear Pannier / Rack

Compelling Features & Advantages:

One of the most classic cruisers this city bike has a very traditional yet classy 3-speed design with a frame made of lightweight aluminum. The model’s design is ergonomic in nature and comes 85 percent assembled, taking a huge burden off the buyer’s shoulders.

Shimano internal hub with easy-to-use Nexus shifter allows vast range of rides, from leisure rides to long distance rides. Large 700x32c wheels consisting of double-walled rims create a smooth ride. While comfortable brown colored synthetic leather saddle & matching synthetic leather hand grips with some classic stitching ensure comfort for the 50-year-old man on this road bike.

The bicycle has an impressive mix of gears, shifters and braking system, making the bike more powerful and smooth in its rides. Front and rear brakes are extremely efficient. Speed gears provide superior efficiency from smooth roads to bumpy mountainous terrains.

Adjustable handlebars can be easily adjusted for all riders from 5 to 6.2 feet in   height. The upright, heads-up position spells convenience for the older rider.  Fenders are provided to prevent your clothing from mud and dirt so you appear neat and stylish always.  Rear rack for optional baskets allow your knick-knacks and water bottles a safe and proper storage while you are on the road.


The seat feels uneasy to some

Our Verdict:

This is a dependable choice for your hard earned cash, highly coveted by buyers. No buyer’s remorse. We can bet on that!

Best Road Bikes For 50 Year old Man 5

Our Recommendations to Choose Best Road Bikes For 50 Year old Man :

Our comprehensive & elaborate review offers recommendations based on proven performance for those seeking to save a buck (or two) and for those who always want the best the market has to offer.

Best Overall Product: Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike

Best Features Product: Sixthreezero Ride in The Park Road Bicycle

Best Value Product: Sixthreezero Around The Block Men’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle

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