Five Best Trek Bikes For Seniors 2021

Did you know that trek bikes for seniors have seen a steep increase in sales and use over the past few years? Those stats are pretty believable when the growing community of super-adults (as we like to call them) seem to have come out in strong numbers on bikes and two-wheeler’s of every imaginable variety in parks, tracks, and even sporting events.

There are several great reasons for you to join that community and leave the house regularly for a ride on your very own trek bike:

  • It’s a simple, yet the enjoyable mode of recreation.
  • It gets you ample exercise and keeps your body and mind in great shape.
  • It’s a great way to soak up the sun in most weather conditions.
  • It’s a great way to socialize, or even spend some time with a loved one.

While it may be daunting to venture out into the two-wheeler world to buy yourself a set of wheels, the hard work of research and the joy of purchasing a stellar product will make the stress of the entire process worth it.

Buying Guide :- What To Look For In A Best Trek Bike for seniors

When you are a senior, the boxes you need to check off when buying your bike are going to be different than when you were younger and healthier. Here are a few points to think about before you begin browsing:

  1. Your health: What kind of a health-profile do you show? Are you a relatively healthy individual? Do you have back or joint issues? Are there any health conditions you need to keep in mind before you buy a bicycle?
  2. Comfort: Remember that this would ideally be a long-haul purchase. At this stage of your life, you will have to make room for unexpected shifts in your health and body functions. Is there something on the market that may cater to a long-term purchase that’ll keep all these points in mind?
  3. Budget: Price points are a big factor in purchasing a trek bike. You can find something you like in any given price range, so it may be wise to start out with a budget in mind.

Once these points are clearly dealt with, it is time to look at your needs list. What should your ideal bike offer?

ERGONOMICS: This is the part where your health and comfort are taken care of. The way a bicycle frame has been styled is very important. Many modern bikes come in a step-through or step-over style-frame. These determine how easy it will be to mount or dismount. The step-through frame will afford you the comfort of easily mounting your bike without having to swing your leg over. Most of the bikes on this list have a step-through frame.

The position of the seat and the make of the handlebars will determine how your posture will be held on the bike. The bikes we have considered will seat you in an upright position, taking the strain out of the back and the joints.

Suspension and shock absorption are also key features here which will determine the smoothness of the ride. This can be important in ensuring that muscle soreness, joint pains, and other issues do not crop up on longer rides.

ENGINEERING: This is where the durability and quality of products are reviewed. The material, parts of the bike, accessories, and other features will help you decide how sound the make of the bike is.

PRICE: The final point we consider is the price. Though it comes last on this list, it is a major factor in determining what kind of bike you will settle on.

Let’s look at a round-up of the top 5 trek bikes to look out for this year.

Trek Bikes For Seniors – 5 Bikes Reviewed

1.   Raleigh Detour 2 Step Thru Comfort Bike

Nottingham-based Raleigh Bicycle Company comes with a history that many biking companies cannot even come close to. Started in the year 1885, these manufacturers combine centuries of experience with innovation and dedication to quality. 
Talkopedia Rating out of 100


  • Smooth cycling with plenty of gears
  • Great looking bike
  • Great durability


  • Saddle is a little stiff

Raleigh Detour - Video Review, Click to Play

Best Trek Bikes For Seniors - Raleigh Detour 2 Step Thru Comfort Bike

ERGONOMICS: Holding fast to the step-through trend, this feature of the trek bike shoots it up-to our list of favorites. The up-right seating feature with back-sweep handlebars takes into account posture and comfort. A spring-loaded comfort saddle and other tiny details like the comfort-grip handles and anti-slip pedals become major points when joints and back issues need to be considered. Aluminum fork suspension effectively absorbs shocks and jolts and smooths out your ride.

ENGINEERING: The many different models in the Raleigh Detour 2 Series come with many variations. The Detour 2 Step-through model is made with an aluminum frame, making it light-weight, as well as sturdy. This trek bike is an effective hybrid between a city bike and a cruiser. A 21-gear system fitted with Shimano shifters makes the bike a versatile performer on many types of terrain. Puncture-protective wheel technology at 700X40C tire specs make for smoother, event-free riding.

PRICE: You may pause a moment when you see the higher price margin on the Raleigh Detour2, but when you think about the promise of endless hours, and years of comfortable riding, this bike almost becomes a legacy you can pass onto the next generation.

2. sixthreezero Body Ease Women’s Comfort Bike

This is a bike we have been waiting to review. It is an entry from sixthreezero’s comfort bike range.

The Body Ease Women’s Comfort bike is an ideal senior’s trek bike because of how gloriously it lives up to its name of Body Ease Comfort. The first thing we want to tell you about this bike is that it is an eye-catcher. Combining a classic, antique style with spiffy, modern details, this bike is just a joy to ride around the city or even the country-side. The Body Ease classic hybrid cruiser has rightly been called a “sleek, modern show-piece”. The color palette on this bicycle-range is one of its greatest USPs. But it’s more than just a pretty bicycle.

Talkopedia Rating out of 100


  • Great stability, easy to feel very confident on this bike
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Smooth cycling 


  • Difficult to assesmble

sixthreezero Body Ease - Video Review, Click to Play

sixthreezero Body Ease Women's Comfort Bike - Best Trek Bikes For Seniors

ERGONOMICS: Sit in comfort on this functionally balanced upright-posture trek bike. Joints, back, and hindquarters are relaxed and amply cushioned on a high density-foam padded, wide saddle. The cycle-frame geometry, dual-spring suspension seat, and the Vibrazorb front-suspension fork are designed to absorb unpleasant jars and jolts to the body. The relaxed step-through design is an added plus. This bike lives up to its name – Body Ease.

ENGINEERING: The Body Ease is made of a lightweight aluminum frame, an apparent favorite when you want to keep the product light, and yet ensure strength and durability. Body Ease’s geometry design is a sixthreezero trademark product, meant to maximize comfort on a long ride. 3-speed options give you a smooth ride, amount to light exercise, and maybe even climb a few modest hills. The Shimano Tourney gear-system provides for smooth gear-changing and the 2-inch slick tires make for smooth roll and safety.

PRICE: Slightly on the higher end of price, between $800 – $900, the smooth experience is definitely worth it in our opinion. It looks great, is easy to build up stable speed with little input and a smooth cycle every time.

The focus on comfort and shock-absorption in this bicycle, along with attention to safety is what put this trek bike on our best bikes list for the super-adults.

3. Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bikes

One of the best overall trek bikes to climb the ranks on this list is the Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike. Coming from a well-respected brand, this bike has received a lot of praise from its happy customers. Combining comfort, quality, and versatility at an unbeatable price, the Discover Hybrid bike remains one of the truest testaments to Schwinn’s dedication to its art.
Talkopedia Rating out of 100


  • Excellent hybrid for cruising and cycling
  • Many accessory options including trailers
  • Great durability


  • Bike is fairly heavy with a 30lb frame

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike - 2021 Video Review, Click to Play

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bikes - Best Trek Bikes For Seniors

ERGONOMICS: Though not a step-through bike, the Schwinn Discover has a low-slung step-over mount, meaning you won’t have to swing your leg too high to mount it. Swept-back upright handlebars, similar to those on mountain-bikes shift your center of gravity so that you are not hunched over during your riding adventure. The ergonomically planned adjustable seat allows you to sit upright, which can be a blessing for those with back or joint issues. Contoured, padded seating minimizes discomfort and allows for hours of comfortable riding.

ENGINEERING: The aluminum frame on the bike makes this a lightweight, yet sturdy bicycle. A rigid suspension fork effectively absorbs shocks from bumps and jolts on uneven terrain. Combining the best features of the off-road and mountain bikes, the Schwinn Discover hybrid comes with multiple gears for versatility, Shimano grip gear shifters for smooth shifting, and 700C wheels that could take on quite a bit of varied terrain. The rear carrier and wheel fenders are an added bonus. These bikes are made for the long ride.

PRICE: This is one of the best bikes you will find close to $500. Combining quality, comfort, and style at this price will mean major standard points for Schwinn, setting the bar really high for other brands that follow.

4. NAKTO 26″ 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle

The Nakato 26” Electric Bicycle is a great way to get some riding fun. Simple in design and effective in performance, this entry scores high points on our list of trek bikes for seniors. Here’s why you should consider this entry:
Talkopedia Rating out of 100


  • Excellent battery life, up to 28 miles with each full charge
  • Great brakes and gear shift system
  • Very quite motor
  • 2 working modes, assist mode or e-bike mode with adjustable speeds


  • Plastic basket could be better quality
  • Very heavy at 75lb 

NAKTO Electric Bike - Video Review, Click to Play

Best Trek Bikes For Seniors - NAKTO 26

ERGONOMICS: The Nakato Cargo bike has a low-step design, making getting on and off very easy. It is designed to seat you upright and comfortably settled with an adjustable stem and handlebars. The wide, cushioned seat will also enhance your riding experience. The fork suspension is made to absorb shocks and give you a smooth ride. This e-bike is meant to perform as a fun ride and quite delivers in this function.

ENGINEERING: A high tensile Carbon steel frame body ensures safety as well as comfortable use. It would not be described as light-weight, but it is sufficiently easy to maneuver. The pedal-assist feature kicks in when you need a break from pedaling. It can travel at a speed of 15 mph with the pedal-assist feature.

This e-bike comes with a number of nifty features like wheel fenders, a horn and bell, and a head-light. Carrying capacity is amply supplied in the covered front basket and a rear rack.

PRICE: For an electric bike, The Nakato e-bike comes at a very affordable price of around $600. For the kind of comfort, safety, and versatility the bike provides, it is a great buy at the given price.

5.   Huffy Arlington 26″ Adult Trike

You may be at a point in your life where you are nervous about getting back on the bike or feel off-balance on a normal bike. An adult trike will give you the wonderful experience of cycling with your loved ones without having to worry about falling off your bike at any moment.

Huffy Arlington’s Adult Trike may be just the trek bike you are looking for.

Talkopedia Rating out of 100


  • Excellent battery life, up to 28 miles with each full charge
  • Great brakes and gear shift system
  • Very quite motor
  • 2 working modes, assist mode or e-bike mode with adjustable speeds


  • Plastic basket could be better quality
  • Very heavy at 75lb 

Huffy Arlington - Video Review, Click to Play

Best Trek Bikes For Seniors - Huffy Arlington 26

ERGONOMICS: This point is a no-brainer. With a three-wheeled trike, the question of uncomfortable posturing does not arise. The step-through frame, premium ultra-padded spring saddle, and contoured, functional grips ensure your comfort and safety on all your cycling trips.

ENGINEERING: The step-through frame is made of durable steel. The 24” and 26” wheels are all-terrain wheels, ensuring you have a smooth ride wherever you go. It is a single-speed trike and is equipped with an effective rear coaster brake and front hand-brake for easy control.

PRICE: This bike scores points for its low price of ~$380.

All of these bikes are great models to consider for an elderly rider. We have tried to include a wide range of products within this short article.

Our Favorites

All of these bikes are great models to consider for an elderly rider. We have tried to include a wide range of products within this short article.

  • Best Overall among 5 Best Trek Bikes For Seniors and Recommended :- Our favorite all-rounder is the Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike. It scores high points for their top-notch quality, attention to detail and unbeatable price.
  • Sixthreezero Body Ease Comfort scores for maximum comfort. With its focus on comfort and smooth riding, it stands way above the others in being the best trek bike for seniors.
  • Raleigh’s Detour2 step through Comfort Bike is one of the best trek bikes you can invest in. It’s a great recommendation for durability and comfort, though the price weighs it down a little.
  • Nakato 26” Cargo Electric bike will be perfect for riders who may have issues with long-distance riding, but still want to enjoy that experience.

Huffy Arlington’s Adult Trike will be your best bet if balance and control issues may be on top of your health consideration list.

Safety Recommendations

Here are a few general points to consider when zeroing in on your perfect bike:

  • When buying a trek bike, especially for a senior or elderly rider, make sure you take into account all physical specifics, including height, weight, health or fitness level and joint strength.
  • Make sure to carefully read the sizing chart recommendations and to make an informed decision about the product that you buy.
  • Most trek bikes come with instructions on how to assemble them, but it may be best to get either professional help, or the help of at least one more person who is handy with tools.

Concluding Thoughts

The biking world has a lot to offer you whether you are a returning pro, an eager novice, or carrying a list of health problems. Whatever trek bike you decide on, we hope you will be able to experience the pure joy of riding around the neighborhood on a warm summer evening!

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