Best Water Slides for Backyard Review & Buying Guide

If you want to transform your backyard into a water park in summer then you need to add a water slide in your backyard. These water slides will be the best way for entertaining and cooling your kids.

You don’t need any beach, pool, or stock tank. Most of the time these best backyard water slides will keep you and your kids wet by its enormous pools and long sliding surfaces with the sprinkler system.

For any stable, easy to deflate and inflate, and store water slides you need to make sure and pay attention to its weight and size limits.

Here we will provide to the point review of the 6 best water slides for your backyard with abundant options to suitable about of any size and budget.

List of the 6 Best Water Slides for Backyard

  1. Banzai Triple Racer 16 Ft Water Slip & Slide S3 bodyboards

Best Water Slides for Backyard 1

If you want easy and cheap water slides this best slip and slide will be the most affordable option on this list. This water slide can be a great gift for your child’s birthday.

It comes with three racing lanes with a giant splash pool that ensure that win or loss. By these three racing lanes with monster splash pool water spraying bumper you can test your speed and challenge your friends.

It comprises 3 inflatable body boards with 16-ft, 82-inch- wide water slide. Generally, it is suitable for 5-12 years ages of kids.

Dimensions: 14 x 11.9 x 2.5 inches

Weight: 5.49 pounds


  • Slip and Slide: You will get a slip and slide due to water coming out of the sprinkler on both sides of the slide where there will be no tears or punctures.
  • Crash Pad: This will prevent children from sliding to the ground or getting injured while playing because there is a water crash pad at the end of the water slide.
  • Easy to Set up: Material and color will be as like as pictured and the material of this slide is more enduring than other water slides in the market. It only takes a few minutes to set up and connects.
  • Kids love: It is very suitable for kids to enjoy hot and great fun in summer and to have a beach party, swimming pool party, and yard water party.
  • Returnable: If you find any default you will return it within 30 days of receipt.


  • Sometimes the water sprinkler does not work properly and the water flows slowly.
  1. Intex Surf ’N Slide Inflatable Inflatable Water Slide

Best Water Slides for Backyard 2

This inflatable water slide is very simple and does not require much space to set up. For kids 6 years and more, it’s like a heaven for its fun shark design.

At the back of the slide, you will get handles for climbing. It can be a bit tricky for children under the age of 6 years. But if you assist it will be so much entertaining for everyone.

The Built-in sprayer helps to adjoin a garden hose. For the streamer to wet the slide surface adjoin a garden hose.

It has 2 surf riders which make with heavy-duty handles and will be helpful for the slippery experience.

It comprises 15’1”L x 5’6”W x 5’2”H wide water slide and its maximum weight limit is 176 lb (80 kg).

Dimensions: 181 x 66 x 62 inches

Weight: 32 pounds


  • Heavy Duty Handles: This slide has 2 surf riders which make with heavy-duty handles for the slippery experience.
  • Fun Shark Design: It makes fun shark design that is perfect for kids.
  • Side Grab Handles: It has side grab handles that help to easily carry and transport.
  • Flat Surface: Its design is suitable for a flat surface and small backyards.
  • Built-in Sprayer: You can easily attach it to a garden hose for its built-in sprayer system.


  • There are no steps in the climbing area.
  1. BOUNTECH Inflatable Bounce House, Kids Castle Water Slide with Climbing Inflatable Water Slide for Kids and Toddlers

Best Water Slides for Backyard 3

To bring a hint of summer coolness and to spend the day in leisure time of enjoyment this cool inflatable water slide park will let your kids enjoy extra time with their friends.

This water slide consists of a massive jumping area, tall slide, stable climbing wall, extensive splashing pool, and sea ball pit.

It assembles the pleasure of all sports into one. Through the sprinkling water kids can expertise in sliding and jump as like as they want.

It has 30 colorful sea balls pit that enables kids to rest and experience colors and makes with high quality 810D+420D oxford cloth with stable sewing for immune usage.

It also has some features like easy to inflate and deflate, carrying bag for handy storage and transportability, easily wet or dry inside or outside of the house.

This water slide will be suitable for 3 to 8 years old kids and the maximum number of players is 4. Its maximum weight limit is 160 lbs and individual weight is 80 lbs.

Dimensions: 189 x 110 x 90 inches

Weight: 29 pounds


  • The Coolness in Hot Summer: During hot day it allows your kids to slide under the splashing water by its sprinkler on the top of the slide which brings lots of summer fun.
  • Jumping Fun in Safety: You will find the advantage of a huge jumping field where the nets ensure safety and maximum ventilation.
  • High Quality Oxford Cloth: It makes with high quality 840D+ 420D oxford cloth with stable sewing that is certified by ASTM and it will be very safe for your kids.
  • Easy storage and Transportability: It’s easy to inflate and deflate, and it has a carrying bag that helps to store and transport.
  • Cute Castle Design: It makes with cute castle design that’s why kids will choose it easily and you can use it both wet and dry situations.


  • The inside of the pool is not too deep.


  1.  Banzai Inflatable Water Slide

Best Water Slides for Backyard 4

Are you wanted to make waves this summer with this banzai inflatable water slide! Then you need this water slide because it makes with a monster splash in the lagoon-style pool.

You can challenge your friend to a game with the comprised inflatable basketball or with the water-blasting cannon you can give him your best shot.

This water slide is ensured strength and stability due to its heavy-duty Dura-Tech construction.

It will take less than two minutes to inflate with its endless airflow blower. If you find any default it will be returnable within 30 days.

Dimensions: 175 x 114 x 95 inches

Weight: 47.4 pounds


  • Cushioned Slick Slide: This slide has a cushioned slick slide with a splash activity pool by which you can basketball challenge to your friend.
  • Lagoon-style Pool: It makes with a monster splash in the lagoon-style pool with its endless water-blasting cannon.
  • Easy to Set: You can easily inflate it less than 2 minutes includes blower motor gfci which is very safe and advantageous.
  • Kids Loved: Kids loved it because it’s quite easy to set, durability, lagoon-style pool.
  • Durable: For its heavy-duty Dura-tech construction it will be very strength and durability.


  • The sprinkler doesn’t work properly.


  1. Banzai Big Blast Water Slide Park

Best Water Slides for Backyard 5

If you want to set up a proper water slide, this banzai water park is a great option for you. It can compromise five kids at a time and their age 5 years and up is suitable.

Anyone can easily inflate it within 2 minutes. For making a refreshing shower sprinkler the cushioned slick slide with a lagoon-style splash pool will help you.

For utmost safety and advantageous, it has a blower motor with GFCI. It includes 1 blower motor, 1 inflatable water slide, 1 water-spraying hose assembly, 3 blower ground stakes, 1 carry bag, 4 repair patches, and 8 water slide ground stakes.

Body boards with 95 x 184 x 114 inches wide water slide.

Its maximum weight limit is 120 lbs (54kg) for individual users and the maximum weight limit for the combined user is 150 lbs (68 kg), and the total weight limit is 600 lbs (270 kg).

Dimensions: 23.7 x 17.3 x 16.5 inches

Weight: 46.7 pounds


  • Cushioned Slick Slide: The water slide has a cushioned Slick Slide with a lagoon-style splash pool with a refreshing shower sprinkler.
  • Oxford polyester: It makes with oxford polyester, PVC, PP, and electrical components.
  • Stable and Safe: It has a blower motor with a GFCI which makes it more stable and safe.
  • Last Long: This slide can be used for a long time because it makes with oxford polyester.
  • Easy to Use: You can inflate it less than 2 minutes.
  • Returnable: You can return it within 30 days of receipt if you find any default.


  • It is more difficult to fold and store due to its heavyweight.
  1. Best Hurricane Tunnel Blast Inflatable Water Slide Park For Kids

Best Water Slides for Backyard 6

For sliding, claiming, and exploring the turbo splash water zone Mega park is an improvident inflatable space. The park is fulfilled with many fun features.

Without any annoyance protected by mesh protection walls to prevent the tower from collapsing and use the scaling wall to claim up or down.

Get down the slide with high obstacle walls and durability air chamber at the down for the perfect slide, every time. The slide conducts to a superficial but it has a massive water pool for a splash descent.

A water supplier gradually discarded water, it also reposes the slide wet which is a fun wonder for kids.

The park is built with PVC-coated polyester material for meeting with ASTM security standards which is durable and supplies a satisfying feel for kids.

It has a heavy-duty 110-120V blower with a GFCI safety plug and you can easily inflate it less than two minutes.

Dimensions: 165.35 x 125.98 x 102.36 inches

Weight: 62.1 pounds


  • Massive Water Slide: The water park shapes a large water slide that inflects in the region of the pool area. It will be safe for all riders because it has strong bloated walls.
  • Extra-large Pool Area: The water park has an extra-large pool area system that helps the kids to keep cool off before taking another trip.
  • Easy to Set: It makes with a 110-120V blower with a GFCI safety plug and you can easily inflate it’s within two minutes.
  • Stability and Safety: You will get more stability and safety because of its mesh walls on its tower deck.
  • Hours of Enjoyment: This inflatable water park helps to spend innumerable summer hours by climbing the wall, slide down the water slide, or plump in the small pool area.


  • Water can soak your backyard because its tunnel area has an open end.

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