7 Best Inflatable Splash Pads to look out For in 2020


The inflatable splash pad is quickly becoming a very popular source of entertainment for many families with kids and even adults. The reason is obvious: when you combine water and fun, there is no limit to the entertainment you can indulge in.

I’m sure we’ve all seen that water is a best friend to most kids, as well as a majority of adults. Many parents will agree that water-based activities are some of the best ways to keep kids entertained for long periods, away from the screen. In fact, it so happened that back in the day, kids and young adults in the US and other countries would open up a fire hydrant on the hottest summer days and enjoy the water-jet cool-off together. This may have sown the idea-seeds for using water-jets to cool the public off in the peak of summer. Public splash pools and mats in public parks may have been installed to keep people away from the water-hydrants. These may have grown into the water-theme parks we see today with inflatable water slides, gentle kiddie pools, and even inflatable swimming pools and water slides for adults.

Isn’t it awesome that simple engineering and ingenuity have brought these to the comfort of our home?!

Summer can be merciless at its peak. An inflatable pool or even a full-sized solid pool could be a great way to keep the heat to a minimum (it certainly adds charm to the home, doesn’t it?). Now if you are someone who cannot afford the money, or the space to get a pool or a water-slide, the inflatable splash pad may be your way to go. These fold-and-store splash pads become space-saving lifesavers when you have situations like a pandemic confining the whole family in the house for a long time. It is also just a great way to cool off a little. With a little bit of creative thinking, the inflatable splash pad can be used almost anywhere.

What To Consider When You Buy Your Splash Pad

The sprinkler mat may look like a straightforward purchase to most parents. But the following factors may be worth considering if you want to make sure you get the best available option.

  1. SIZE

The first thing to consider is the amount of available space you have. Do you have large backyard area where the kids run free with the dogs, or do you want to confine the fun to a smaller space, perhaps on the roof?

The size of the splash pad becomes important when you have a very limited space available. Another point to consider when thinking about size is whether you want the whole family to join in on the fun, or whether the mat will only be for your kids. Instructions about size and capacity are usually specified by manufacturers on product packaging. These can easily help you choose the right product for your needs.


This would naturally be among the top points to consider when buying any product that children will use! You may be surprised at how many parents wrote in about being surprised by slippery surfaces, or less than perfect material that may prove potentially dangerous for little ones.

If you are getting the sprinkler mat for a baby or toddler, it may be wise to invest in one with an anti-slip floor. This will safeguard the baby from unnecessary spills or falls. High-quality, durable, BPA and toxin-free material will be your best bet, along with a tried and tested hose connection that will not rip off or burst with the first use. 


The best products will last you several seasons. That would mean prime quality materials will be used in manufacturing. The best inflatable splash mats are usually made of premium quality PVC material. Many of them are designed to withstand a specific amount of weight, as well as rough usage. So if you will have the dogs splashing around in there at the peak of summer, make sure you get the best kind.


The kind of water activities that your pre-teen enjoys may scare your toddler. Age-appropriate offerings are an essential consideration in buying inflatable splash pads. The strength of the spray and the height to which it rises should be determined by the age and comfort of the child or adult in the splash pad.


The basic splash pad will feature an inflatable mat with little sprinklers. This basic idea can be taken to great lengths to offer you the best entertainment possible. You might choose to have a sprinkler mat with a water-slide or cartoon inflatables. Will you have turbo jet sprinklers or pretty gentle ones? Will you buy a splash-pool with 3-D cartoon characters, or a basic mat to keep your single child engaged? The possibilities are endless!

7 Best Inflatable Splash Pads On The Market

Here are 7 of the best products on the market today.

1.    The Zen Laboratory Sea Turtle Inflatable Splash Pad

This fun sprinkler-cum-pool has received great reviews on many websites. It features a fun sea turtle with his(or her) friends on a sea-colored mat and functions as a cross between a fountain mat and a kiddie pool, because of its raised-ridge design. The slip and slide material may have to be considered beforehand. This is not an anti-slip mat, but the shallowness of the pool will ensure that the kids are completely safe. Recommended age limits put it down as safe to use for 2-10 year old. This means that your toddlers and their friends can engage in some safe and gentle shallow pool and sprinkler action, while your 10-year olds may choose to enjoy the stronger sprinklers that can go up to 4 ft.

The Sea Turtle splash pad has a simple design and easy-to-use set-up. An easy-access hose connection will attach to your garden hose and you will have your kids squealing with delight in no time. Water streams can be adjusted for height, meaning that this can be a keeper for the kids as they grow older. Manufacturers do recommend that a good quality hose be used and that it is never turned more than halfway. This will ensure that the splash will be able to endure high pressure and rough use from kids jumping and dogs using their nails around the pad.

Finally, the 68’ diameter will ensure that this fountain-mat will easily fit into the smallest yards, while also being able to accommodate four of your munchkins easily. Once the party ends, you can easily drain and fold the pad away into the storage bag included with your purchase. The repair-kit that also comes with the purchase allows you to repair small patches that may appear on the mat. Overall a great purchase for the kids!

2.    SplashEZ 3-in-1 Sprinkler for Kids

This offering from SplashEZ combines a splash pad, a wading pool, and a fun learning environment. SplashEZ invites your baby or toddler into a world of fun and learning with their colorful and eye-catching learning mats which feature alphabets, animals, colors, and the world map, among other themes. It becomes a mini water park in and of itself!

This mini sprinkler pool may not be as resistant to pressure as the previous product. The safety instructions state that it is meant for gentle play and is aimed at babies and toddlers who must be supervised at all times.

This company is known for its exceptional customer care services. It is also known for the quality of its products. SplasEZ’s inflatable splash pad is made out of durable BPA-free and phthalates-free material. The spacious 60” diameter furnishes enough space for you to hop in with a toddler, or to watch her splashing around with a few friends.

As with other splash pads, manufacturers recommend that the safety and instruction manual be read and followed carefully so that you will get the best use out of your product.

3.    QPAU Sprinkler Splash Pads for Kids

QPAU splash mats are similar to other mats in some ways. The fun base-pad, colored, and designed to attract little children doubles up as a learn-through-fun environment with letters, animals, colors, and other adorable motifs that are sure to attract. A spraying, sprinkling mechanism will double, even triple hours of aquatic fun. In addition to these regulars, the QPAU Splash Pad features an air-inflatable outer ring that will turn the product into a true-blue kiddie pool. What’s more – it features a 96” water spray – the highest in the market. This can be adjusted to delight your toddler at a lower height, and then sped up again when the older ones want to have a go. It’s a great way to develop motor skills and motor development, especially in younger children. Though the QPAU is a slightly smaller mat, it becomes a great addition to both indoor, as well as outdoor environments.

The product is durable and safe, made of heavy-duty non BPA PVC at a 60” diameter. Set-up is easy – just unpack, unfold, connect to a good quality hose, and enjoy! The product can be emptied, dried, and folded back up for easy storage when not in use.

4.    Banzai Jr. Sprinkle Friends Playmat

For a little more than just tube-ring sprinklers, the Sprinkle Friends PlayMat features colorful, squishy ocean creature friends who also join in on the water-squirting fun. The 58X42” squiggle shaped splash pad is designed with the toddler in mind. The sprinklers are gentle and all parts of the product are soft. This product may give you the best bang for your buck among everything else listed here.

It is worth noting that toddlers must never be left unattended in the splash pad. The mat surface is not slip-resistant and extreme caution must be exercised at all times.

Banzai is a company that features several water-based inflatables that are worth checking out. Their designs are fun and innovative and come in all shapes and sizes so that there may be something there for everyone. Their range features the 49” Spray and Play Froggy (or Crabby) Pool, the 63” Shade N Sun Lion (or Giraffe) Pool, as well as the higher priced 3-in-1 Inflatable Splash Park, and a range of other water slides. Any of these could be the perfect fit for your space, budget, and other requirements.

5.    The Princessea USA 4-in-1 Splash pad for kids

This bright pink sprinkler mat has a life-sized mermaid with her friends inviting your little princess(es) in for some mermaid sea-fun. Customers have been surprised at how bright the coloring on the mat is. Squeals of delight have filled the review pages as parents gush about how much their children enjoyed this product. The product comes with custom-made Princessea crowns and wands so that children can engage in hours of unlimited imagination and creative activity.

The 70” diameter scores major space-points! It allows for a toddler and two of her friends to have a mermaid party blast. The easy-to-use set-up follows the same steps: unpack, unfold, attach a hose, fill, and have fun!

The quality of this product has also received great reviews because of its 0.3mm thickened PVC material which was certified after testing to provide a greatly safe and durable tear-free product.

Another USP that you may want to look into is their Fall-Summer warranty. A few customers who had slight ripping issues after continuous usage reported that the company responded immediately to replace the product.

Happy customer — Great reviews — Successful company!

6.    Aywewii’s Hello Summer! Splash and Children’s Sprinkler Pool

Now, this is a speech-bubble shaped splash pad with a glorious unicorn painted in its middle. At 67”, this is another sizable sprinkler mat that will afford hours of fun and games to your kids. They could even play with a few friends at their own ‘unicorn party’. This larger size will not hinder its use in a smaller backyard. It has been designed to fit into almost any kind of space.

Other than its unique design, the Aywewii Splash Pad also boasts 22% thicker material that is toxin-free. The water-spray hole has been interestingly placed at the tip of the bubble and is reported to be 0.5mm larger than the hose-connectors in other products. This will ensure that leaky hoses, rips, and tears, and other hazards will not affect the children’s playtime.

This great little pad will be a great addition to your family’s summer fun time!

7.    Jasonwell Sprinkle and Splash 68” Play Mat

Our final entry is a decent sized inflatable sprinkle mat that follows the same mode of operation as most standard sprinkle pads.

Their unique wide-open shark mouth at the center of the mat affords great opportunity for taking funny ‘eaten alive’ style photographs, while also being a source of great enjoyment for 2-5 year olds and a few of their friends.

The mat’s anti-slip flooring is designed to keep your children or loved ones from slipping and injuring themselves. The adjustable sprinkle height means that you could use the mat over several seasons, and even involve the dog in a bit of splash-and-play.

Finally, the non-toxic materials used to make the mat are chemical and BPA free.



So that was a round-up of the 7 best inflatable sprinkle pads on the market today. Buying a good product with a budget and your needs in mind will have you find the best product for your family. For the longest possible use of your product, please be sure to follow the manufacturer’s safety and set-up instructions, warnings, and guidelines thoroughly. Size, weight, and best-use instructions ensure that your product goes a long way.

It may be worth knowing that a higher budget and more friends, or siblings, may push you towards buying a larger sprinkler toy-set. Banzai and Little Tykes and similar companies have a range of water slides, inflatable water slides, and sprinkler toys that are worth checking out. They are all the rage today!

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