Our 20 recommendations for party games

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Gathered together with friends and laughter echoing through the air, there's a certain magic that comes alive when party games take center stage. In the world of social gatherings, these games aren't just forms of entertainment – they're portals to shared memories, hilarious mishaps, and unexpected revelations. The joy of party games lies in their ability to transcend age, background, and personality, uniting a diverse group in the pursuit of fun and friendly competition. From the excitement of guessing games that test wit to the uproarious laughter sparked by antics in drawing challenges, every game becomes a vessel for connections, as inside jokes are born and camaraderie flourishes. So, whether you're plotting strategic moves in a tense round of Werewolf or belting out tunes in a karaoke showdown, the joys of party games offer a timeless reminder that the simplest moments often lead to the most memorable adventures.

Here our 20 recommendations for party games...enjoy

  1. Charades: A classic game where players take turns acting out a word or phrase without speaking, while others guess what it is.

  2. Pictionary: Players draw a word or phrase on paper or a whiteboard, while their team tries to guess what it is before the timer runs out.

  3. Werewolf/Mafia: A social deduction game where players are assigned roles as either villagers or werewolves/mafia, and they must work together to identify and eliminate the opposing team.

  4. Codenames: Teams compete to guess their own words from a grid based on one-word clues given by a spymaster.

  5. Cards Against Humanity: A party game that involves filling in the blanks of a statement using outrageous or inappropriate phrases from a deck of cards.

  6. Telestrations: A hilarious drawing and guessing game where players create a chain of drawings and captions based on what they see.

  7. Two Truths and a Lie: Players take turns sharing three statements about themselves—two truths and one lie—while others try to guess which statement is the lie.

  8. Heads Up!: Similar to charades, this game involves guessing the word on the card that's placed on your forehead while others give you clues.

  9. The Resistance: A strategy game where players work together to complete missions while trying to identify the spies among them.

  10. Quizzes and Trivia: Create a fun and challenging quiz or trivia game based on various topics to test your guests' knowledge.

  11. Karaoke: Set up a karaoke machine or use a karaoke app and let your guests showcase their singing talents.

  12. Dance Off: Organize a dance competition where guests can show off their best dance moves.

  13. Minute to Win It: Play a series of one-minute challenges using common household items to see who can complete them the fastest.

  14. Murder Mystery: Host a murder mystery party where players take on different characters and work together to solve a fictional crime.

  15. Escape Room Games: Try out physical or virtual escape room games that require teamwork and puzzle-solving skills.

  16. Liar's Dice: Players roll dice in secret and then bid on the total number of dice showing a certain value, trying to deceive their opponents.

  17. Trivia Murder Party: A part of the video game "Jackbox Party Pack," this game combines trivia questions with a dark and humorous theme.

  18. Never Have I Ever: Players take turns sharing statements beginning with "Never have I ever..." and those who have done the action mentioned, take a drink or lose a point.

  19. Spin the Bottle: A classic game where a bottle is spun, and the person it points to must complete a dare or answer a question.

  20. Name That Tune: Play short snippets of songs and challenge players to guess the song title or artist.

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