Electric bike under 500$ – Best Products Reviewed

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The growing numbers of cars on roads have led to traffic jams and delays while commuting around the city; not to mention the amount of pollution these vehicles cause. Electric bikes help solve this issue entirely by providing an eco-friendly way of commuting the city that can easily traverse through the dense jungles of traffic and that’s why in this article we have a list of the best electric bike under 500$ to help you get around the city and save your time.

In this article, we will be detailing the different types of electric bikes and which one is the best for your needs, and all of that while keeping the budget under 500$.

List of Best Top 5 Electric bikes under 500$

1. Swagatron SwagCycle EB-5 pro Ebike – Top pick

SwagCycle Eb-5 pro

The Swagatron SwagCycle is hands down the best electric bike you can buy under a budget of 500$, it’s got a great design and tons of features that are implemented specifically to accommodate the rider.

First of all, the Ebike can do up to 15 mph without paddling, which is plenty. With paddling, you can get up to 20 mph, which is plenty fast in our opinion. While on full throttle and no paddling your battery is limited to 5 miles at max.

In average use when you are going to be paddling as well, you can get around 15 miles of range, which honestly speaking, is more than enough for traversing around the city.

One of the underrated features of this bike is that it comes preassembled. You will not have to do much of anything to get the E-bike up and running, it comes ready to use. You can just take it out and start cycling right away.

It has great height adjustability, EB-5 can easily accommodate a kid or an adult, the 14-inch wheels also provide great traction while riding and allow for quick braking when needed.

Other than the fact that the SwagCycle is just an overall good Electric bike, the design really shows how much thought and consideration went into making this Ebike, from being shipped fully assembled, to the battery being neatly tucked within the frame, it all shows just how much consideration was given to the overall product and ease of use.

They even thought about storage, since no one is going to leave an electric bike out in the open like a motor vehicle, they made it so the E-bike folds in 3 places which makes it easily storable indoors. It even has an app that allows you to lock the Ebike and also gives you detailed records of distance rode and milage.

Overall, the SwagCycle Eb-5 pro is a great electric bike and deserves all the hype and commendation it has been getting.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy and comfortable to ride for longer periods of time.
  • Speeds of up to 15 mph+
  • The battery will last around 15 hours with average use
  • Folds up for a convenient storage
  • Adjustable height
  • 14-inch tires enable great acceleration and near-instant stops
  • Additional features due to App compatibility
  • Comes with a fixed battery, irreplaceable.
  • Paddling driving is hard without charge.

Other than the Swagcycle there are other electric bikes on the market that deliver a great experience at an affordable price, here is the list of Electric bike under 500$ which provide a great experience for an affordable price.

2. ANCHEER 250w electric bike – Runner up

ANCHEER 250w electric bike

The ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike is the runner up best Ebike under 500$, It is a great alternative for someone looking for something other than the SwagCycle. This cycle actually has a couple of advantages over the SwagCycle as well.

The bike has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. which is more than enough for any normal person. The Ebike is made with an Aluminum alloy frame and that is the go-to standard for all bikes, it’s good to see that even at a lower price point they did not skimp out on quality.

ANCHEER has a single front tube construction and this makes the Ebike extremely durable, the front fork is made of carbon steel, which is the hardest form of steel that is available, this translates into excellent shock absorption and great overall control, even on the bumpiest of roads.

Other than the construction, the bike has a 36v 8Ah lithium-ion battery which is easily replaceable, the battery provides speeds up to 15.5 mph, which is up to par with the competition. Other than that, since the battery is replaceable you can swap it out with a fully charged one to have another ride without the downtime. The Ebike has a range of 15 miles to 30 miles with assisted paddling, which is amazing.

The bike is foldable which allows for easy storage and it is also fairly easy to use even when out of power. The ANCHEER electric bike also has app supports, which enables the usually detailed record of distance cycled, speed, and time, while also allowing features like speed control and the ability to lock the Ebike.

Pros & Cons

  • High Quality, lightweight, and durable steel construction
  • Foldable nature allows for easy storage
  • Long mileage of around 15 to 30 miles per charge
  • App support
  • Easy to pedal even when out of power
  • Powerful dual disc brakes
  • Removable and replaceable battery
  • The bike is heavier than most electric bikes

3. Shaofu Electric bike – Best value bike

Shaofu Electric bike

The Shaofu electric bike is an amazing bike for a price well below 500$, its highlighting features are IPX5 certification, bluetooth system, and a 15-mile range.

The bike is made from a double layer of aluminum alloy wheel and aluminum allow frame, Aluminum frames are the industry standard when it comes to bikes as they are lighter and rust-proof than the steel counterparts. It’s great to see that they did not skimp out on aluminum even at a lower price.

Shaofu Electric bike has a 350-w motor operating at 36v, this translates into a 15-mile range which is more than enough for average people, it manages to do this by being extremely light at just 26.5 pounds. The bike has a folding design great for carrying around and storing at the same time.

The E-bike also has app support enabling usual things like lock and speed adjustment, as well as detailed records of distance ridden and speed. The bike is IPX5 certified meaning it is waterproof enough to be ridden around even in the rain.

This bike also comes with a 1-year warranty, which is always a huge plus to have.

Pros & Cons

  • Very pocket-friendly price
  • Great set of features
  • Unique design
  • 15-mile range
  • Battery takes 3 to 4 hours to fully charge
  • 1-year warranty on the battery, charger, and motor
  • Easy to carry around
  • App support
  • Tube replacement is a bit of a hassle
  • The max ride range for adults is around 11 miles
  • Has a low torque

4. Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7

Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7

Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 is the newer model of the swagcycle Eb-5, which is the best bike for under 500$. This however has a price tag which is a bit over 500$ but not by much and the price will go down to 500$ later down the line much like the Eb-5.

Swagtron Eb-7 has an average speed of 18.6 mph compared to 15 mph from the Eb-5, and it includes 16-inch tires instead of 14-inch from the previous generation. It also addresses much of the flaws the previous version had, the battery is now removable and replaceable which it wasn’t on the Eb-5.

Paddling without any assistance from the motor has also been adjusted and Is now much easier to do. The swagCycle comes with an IPX4 rating meaning it can handle light splashes and rugged terrain without any problems.

Other than that, most of the feature or rather pros I should say, it borrows from its predecessor, it has the same great folding design and has the same adjustability features, allowing it to be used by adults and children alike.

Swagcycle comes with its own app which enables locking, gear changing, speed control, and detailed records of distance, speed, and other cycling data. Overall, it’s a great upgrade to an already amazing electric bike.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy and comfortable to ride for longer periods of time.
  • Speeds of up to 18 mph+
  • The battery will last around 15 hours with average use
  • Folds up for a convenient storage
  • Adjustable height
  • 16-inch tires enable great acceleration and near-instant stops
  • Additional features due to App compatibility
  • The fixed gear allows for just a single-speed mode

5. Nakto electric bike

Nakto electric bike

The Nakto electric bike resembles a regular bike a lot more than most of the other bikes on the list, this bike is targeted for casual use and has a design catered more towards ease of use.

The Ebike comes preassembled and doesn’t require any work on it before use. You directly start riding this bike once it arrives. This bike offers a range of 22miles and a speed up to 20mph, this is pretty good compared to other electric bikes.

The only thing about the bike that might bother some people is that it doesn’t fold, it has the design of a regular bike through and through, which does bring some advantages like more speed, stability, larger tires, and battery size. It just comes with the drawback of less portability.

The low middle bar frame allows people with bad knees to comfortably get on to the bike, if you are interested in bikes for people over 50 check out our article on that here.

Pros & Cons

  • 1-year warranty
  • Horn and bright led headlamp included
  • Great for old people
  • Excellent range of around 22 miles
  • Speed of around 18 to 25 mph
  • Large tires make for much less of a bumpy ride
  • Really comfortable to ride
  • Comes preassembled
  • Regular design
  • Not portable

Buying Guide/ What factors to consider when buying an electric bike?

Choosing an electric bike isn’t the same as choosing a regular bike, there is a slew of features that electric bikes provide that regular bikes don’t and each electric bike has its advantages and cons. In this buying guide, we aim to make it easier for you the user to understand which electric bike to buy for your needs.


The frame is the most important thing which translates into the build quality and durability of a bike. The frame is even more important on electric bikes than on normal bikes, as electric bikes have a higher speed and deal with much greater force.

Normally bikes are constructed out of either a steel frame or an aluminum frame. Steel frames are strong and sturdy but come with the major drawback of being heavy and also getting rusted after a couple of years.

Aluminum frames on the other hand are industry standard. Aluminum frames are light, strong, and durable, as well as rustproof. The most durable bikes usually consist of a single piece aluminum frame.

If you are aiming to buy an electric bike, we would recommend trying to get an Aluminum frame bike, if possible. A lot of the electric bike under 500$ do include aluminum frames as well nowadays.


Electric bikes come with different kinds of motors, these include a hub and mid-drive motors. These motors have a power rating of 250 watts, 350 watts, 500 watts, and 1000 watts. The higher the watt the more power it can generate.

While buying an electric bike you should consider what kind of terrain you are going to be riding on, if it’s a relatively flat cityscape than going for a hub motor of 250 watts or more is good, but if you are planning to ride the cycle in sloped terrain then a motor with an output of 500 watts or more is recommended.

Battery/Milage range

Most bikes come with a lithium-ion battery, which offers decent performance. The performance of an electric bike depends on the motor wattage and the battery, having a bike with a removable battery is a huge plus as once the battery wears out, you can replace it. Another thing to keep in mind regarding batteries is that its size is directly proportional to the range of the bike.

The range of the bike determines how long you will be able to ride the bike without needing a recharge, however, the advertised range is actually never achieved, there are too many factors that affect range like rider weight, cargo, weight, terrain types, brakes, winds, speed, and slope. The advertised range can be used to get a rough idea of how the bike is going to perform. For an electric bike under 500$, you can expect around 20 miles of range.

Top speed and Max load

Top speed is basically the maximum speed the bike can go, for average rider’s speeds up to 20 mph are well and enough, but if you are someone who wants to go fast, then some bikes can go up to 28 mph, It is important to note that higher speed cycles are considered as motor vehicles and require registration.

Max load is basically how much weight the cycle can handle most cycles have a weight capacity from 150 to 300 pounds or 75 to 135 kg, which is more than enough for average, but if you are someone who is over the limit, it is not recommended to ride the cycle.

Gearing, Suspension, Brakes

These are all things that are important in any cycle whether electric or not, taking a good look and testing the gearing, suspension and brakes is a good idea for anyone who is planning to buy a bike.

Even in an electric bike under 500$ you should get great suspension and brakes, gears differ from bike to bike in electric bikes.

Adjustability, Portability

Electric bikes are very adjustable able to fit people from the ages of 12 all the way to adults, thus adjustability is a big factor in electric cycles, unlike regular cycles which have different sizes Electric bikes are more adjustable.

A great feature of electric bikes is that the regular speed models are foldable and easily portable, this is something to look out for if you are someone who values portability and storage.

What’s the difference between Electric bikes and Regular bikes?

An electric bike is basically a regular bike with some additional features which provide convenience to the rider.

Here are some of the major benefits of an electric bike over a regular bike.

  • Electric bikes provide assistance in paddling, making it easier to ride for longer periods of time without getting exhausted.
  • It allows you to not exert yourself while going for a ride, most electric bikes maintain a speed of 18 mph and you can ride at this speed without much effort at all.
  • You will not need to shower or be worried about sweating while cycling with an electric bike.
  • Electric bikes are much safer than regular bikes, as they allow the rider to keep up with motor vehicles.
  • Braking on Electric bikes is much smoother and faster, due to the nature of the motors attached.

Other than these benefits, all bikes allow you to traverse the local area quickly, without facing the trouble of getting caught in traffic.

What are the different kinds of electric bikes?

Classes of Electric bikes

There are 3 classes of electric bikes. Each class has a different speed and type of motor.

Class 1 – Pedal Assist/Pedelec

Class 1 electric bikes are the most common kind, they have about 250w motor, which can assist in riding up to 20mph. In these kinds of bikes, you don’t really feel much of a difference while riding other than the fact that it is much easier to cycle at consistent speeds.

This kind of electric bike is easily available under 500$.

Class 2 – Throttle Assist

Class 2 electric bikes have a throttle which helps in accelerating the bike forward without the need of paddling. Just like scooters and motorcycles. Class 2 electric bikes are much less popular because they require a license or registration much like a standard vehicle.

Class 3 – Speed Pedelec

A class 3 electric bike; as the name suggests, is a pedelec electric bike with support for speeds higher than 20 mph, these electric bikes are also referred to as motor vehicles due to the speeds they can reach, due to this they also need to be registered before use.

With a speed pedelec, you can expect speeds up to 28 mph or more.

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