Best value for money smartphones that still hold their own in 2023

Best value for money smartphones that still hold their own in 2023

In a dynamic world of ever-evolving technology, finding a smartphone that delivers on performance, features, and affordability can be a true gem. Whether you're a savvy budget-conscious consumer or someone looking to get the most bang for their buck, the year 2023 offers a roster of smartphones that continue to stand tall as champions in the realm of value for money. Join us on this journey as we explore the best value for money smartphones that have retained their prowess and relevance in 2023.

OnePlus Nord 2

The OnePlus Nord 2 continues OnePlus's tradition of delivering impressive mid-range smartphones with a blend of style, performance, and value. This successor to the original Nord comes with several improvements that enhance the user experience, but it also has a few drawbacks to consider.

  • Performance Powerhouse: The Nord 2 is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 AI chipset, which offers excellent performance for its price range. Apps load quickly, multitasking is smooth, and even graphically demanding games run without a hitch.
  • Smooth AMOLED Display: The 6.43-inch AMOLED display offers vibrant colors, deep blacks, and a 90Hz refresh rate. Scrolling and interactions feel fluid and responsive, contributing to an overall enjoyable user experience.
  • Impressive Cameras: The camera setup is a notable improvement from its predecessor. The main 50MP sensor captures detailed and well-balanced photos in various lighting conditions. The ultra-wide and macro lenses provide versatility, and the 32MP front camera delivers sharp selfies.
  • OxygenOS: OnePlus's OxygenOS is known for its clean and close-to-stock Android experience. It's intuitive, customizable, and offers useful features without excessive bloatware.
  • 5G Connectivity: The Nord 2 supports 5G connectivity, ensuring that you're ready for the future of mobile networks.
  • Battery Life: The 4,500mAh battery combined with efficient optimization ensures that the phone lasts through a full day of moderate to heavy use. The Warp Charge 65 fast charging feature also juices up the battery quickly.
  • Plastic Build: Unlike its predecessor, the Nord 2 features a plastic frame and back, which may feel less premium compared to devices with glass and metal constructions.
  • No MicroSD Slot: The lack of expandable storage might be disappointing for users who require more space for media files and apps.
  • Limited Availability: Depending on your region, the availability of the OnePlus Nord 2 might be limited, making it harder to purchase compared to more mainstream options.
  • Camera App Quirks: While the camera quality is good, the camera app can sometimes be a bit slow to focus and capture images, which might cause some frustration in fast-paced situations.

The OnePlus Nord 2 is a commendable mid-range smartphone that offers strong performance, a versatile camera system, and a smooth display experience. Its cons, such as the plastic build and camera app quirks, are relatively minor in comparison to the overall package it provides. If you're looking for a capable mid-range device that strikes a balance between features and price, the OnePlus Nord 2 is certainly worth considering. However, as with any smartphone, it's important to weigh its pros and cons against your personal needs and preferences before making a decision.

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Google Pixel 5a

The Google Pixel 5a is a continuation of Google's commitment to delivering a dependable smartphone experience without the premium price tag. This budget-friendly device offers several impressive features, but it's not without its limitations. Let's dive into the pros and cons of the Pixel 5a.

  • Camera Brilliance: Just like its predecessors, the Pixel 5a excels in the camera department. The 12.2MP main camera captures stunning photos with excellent dynamic range and natural colors. Google's image processing prowess shines through in low-light situations, producing detailed and vibrant shots.
  • Clean Android Experience: One of the biggest selling points of the Pixel line is its stock Android experience. With the Pixel 5a, you get the latest version of Android with timely updates, ensuring your device remains secure and up-to-date.
  • Impressive Battery Life: The Pixel 5a's 4680mAh battery coupled with Google's efficient software optimization results in excellent battery life. You can comfortably get through a full day of moderate usage without worrying about running out of power.
  • 5G Connectivity: With 5G becoming more prevalent, the inclusion of 5G support in the Pixel 5a ensures that you're future-proofed for faster network speeds and improved connectivity.
  • Build Quality: Despite being a mid-range device, the Pixel 5a maintains a solid build quality. The aluminum unibody design feels sturdy and durable, giving the phone a premium touch.
  • Processor Performance: While the Pixel 5a's Snapdragon 765G processor is capable of handling most tasks, it might not provide the same level of performance as flagship devices, especially when it comes to resource-intensive gaming or heavy multitasking.
  • Design Iteration: The design of the Pixel 5a doesn't deviate much from its predecessors, which might feel a bit stale to users looking for a more modern aesthetic.
  • Limited Availability: Depending on your region, the Pixel 5a might have limited availability, making it harder to purchase compared to more mainstream options.
  • Plastic Body: While the build quality is solid, the Pixel 5a features a plastic body, which might not feel as premium as devices with glass and metal constructions.

The Google Pixel 5a manages to strike a balance between affordability and impressive features. Its camera capabilities, clean Android experience, and solid battery life make it an enticing option for users who value a dependable smartphone without breaking the bank. However, the processor performance and design iteration might be potential drawbacks for users seeking more power and a fresh aesthetic. Ultimately, the Pixel 5a proves that you can still get a taste of the Pixel experience without splurging on a flagship model.

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Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite aims to capture the hearts of users seeking a well-rounded smartphone experience that doesn't compromise on aesthetics or capabilities. This mid-range device comes with its share of strengths and weaknesses. Let's delve into the pros and cons of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite.

  • Sleek and Stylish Design: The Mi 11 Lite's design immediately stands out with its slim and lightweight profile. The attractive glass back, coupled with various color options, adds a touch of elegance that belies its mid-range status.
  • Vivid AMOLED Display: The 6.55-inch AMOLED display with a high refresh rate delivers vibrant colors and deep blacks, making multimedia consumption and navigation a delight. The HDR10+ support enhances the visual experience further.
  • Solid Performance: Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G chipset, the Mi 11 Lite handles everyday tasks and light gaming with ease. The inclusion of MIUI, Xiaomi's customized Android interface, ensures a smooth and customizable user experience.
  • Impressive Battery Life: The 4,250mAh battery, combined with efficient power management, offers good longevity. With moderate usage, you can expect the Mi 11 Lite to last through a full day.
  • Decent Camera System: The triple-camera setup, led by a 64MP main sensor, captures sharp and detailed photos in favorable lighting conditions. The ultra-wide and macro lenses add versatility to your photography.
  • Limited Low-Light Performance: While the Mi 11 Lite's camera system performs well in optimal lighting, it can struggle in low-light scenarios, producing images with noticeable noise and reduced detail.
  • Plastic Frame: Despite the glass back, the Mi 11 Lite features a plastic frame, which might impact the device's overall perceived build quality and premium feel.
  • MIUI Bloatware: While MIUI offers customization options, it can also come with pre-installed apps and features that some users might find unnecessary or intrusive.
  • Not Ideal for Intensive Gaming: While the Mi 11 Lite handles light gaming well, it might struggle with demanding titles at higher settings due to its mid-range processor.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite aims to cater to users who want a smartphone that's both stylish and capable. Its sleek design, AMOLED display, and respectable camera system are among its standout features. While it might not be a powerhouse for intensive tasks, it handles everyday usage well. However, the plastic frame, limited low-light camera performance, and MIUI's bloatware might be potential downsides for some users. If you're in search of a device that strikes a balance between aesthetics, performance, and value, the Mi 11 Lite is certainly worth considering. Just be mindful of its limitations if you have specific needs, such as heavy gaming or superior low-light photography.

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