5 Best Battery Powered Tent Air Conditioners 2020

Tent air conditioner battery powered 2020 Reviews

Battery-powered air conditioners have revolutionized how people relate to the great outdoors. In the last few decades, air conditioners have followed the trend of ‘portability’ and become smaller, easier to handle, and even cost-effective. These are a great way to cool a small space without depending on electricity, and also a great way to carry a cooling system around when you can’t depend on your car’s cooling system, or you predict being stuck in a small space that could get hot and uncomfortable over a period of time. 

If you are a camping/outdoor enthusiast, you would surely know the value of stocking up on quality products and equipment to ensure that you have an optimum experience every time.  

This write-up has been designed to act as a mini-guide into the world of the battery-operated tent air conditioner. At the end of your reading, you will hopefully be able to determine whether or not you need a portable cooling device, what kind you need, and how you can get your money’s worth.

So what would you look for in a portable air conditioner?

You could name quite a few things to consider, based on your requirements. Begin by asking yourself a few questions:

  • What kind of space/environment am I trying to cool?
  • How long will I need to cool the space?
  • What is the budget I am comfortable with?
  • Are there other options that may be more cost-effective/better suited to my space?

Understanding the portable tent AC unit

It needs to be stated up-front that your cooling device is only as reliable as your source of power. Also, each unit has an ideal environment in which it will deliver the ideal service within a specific time frame. Your experience with a portable battery operated tent air conditioner will not equal the comfort, durability, and efficiency of the air conditioner units you use at home. A lot of people have been disappointed with their products because of their high expectations. Understanding exactly how your product works and determining the one that will work best in the environment you will use it in, it will give you the best experience. As a side note, you may also want to consider other cooling options such as portable bucket fans.

There are different types of portable AC units available in the market today. Most units vary in terms of power source, mode of operation, and size. Units like the Zero Breeze range of ACs are medium in size and run on 24 V micro compressors. Most other portable tent air conditioners require the use of water or ice and work on thermal compression or cooling through evaporation. All of these considerations are important to take note of when choosing your tent air conditioner.

In the following section, we are going to compare some of the five best tent air conditioner battery powered in the market today. The units have been rated on the following points:

  • Ease of portability: this will give you an idea about dimensions – how much weight and/or bulk are you going to be carrying around?
  • Area covered: The efficiency of a battery powered AC greatly depends on the size of the space it is built for. A product built for a three-person tent may not function as effectively if used in a smaller, or larger sized tent. To know which tents are best for camping please go through the article on  Fast Pitch Tent Vs Instant Tent
  • Price points: This is an important consideration for any product that is going to be an investment. Even if your policy reads ‘price is not an issue’, we want to make sure you’re getting the best product that your money can buy.
  • Noise: Most people forget to consider noise levels when buying their portable ACs. A lot of the products on the market score high on efficiency and portability, but lose out on the decibel points. 

Five Best Tent air conditioner battery powered 2020 Reviews

Based on our research here are our picks for the five best battery operated tent air conditioners in the market today.  

1) The Zero Breeze Mark 2 Portable AC

Our research has found that this tent air conditioner is one of the best things money can buy you today. In the relatively new field of portable battery-powered tent air conditioners, the Zero Breeze Mark 2 scores over the others on many levels.


WEIGHT16.5 lbs
PRICE POINTS$ 1599 ($200 off currently)
specs chart of “The Zero Breeze Mark 2 Portable AC

Zero Breeze is no stranger to the battery-powered portable AC market and it is among 5 Best Tent air conditioner battery powered in 2020. They have been designing and upgrading their products for a few years now, and there are a number of models you can choose from. 

Earlier designs received a bad rap for being bulky, requiring long hours of charging, and being extremely noisy. But the Zero Breeze Mark 2 has been nicely upgraded. Customers have found the product useful within a 25 – 40 sq. ft. space. The new model is leak/drip-proof and is fitted with a gravity-drain system for the excess run-off. The dual-hose system allows the product to suck air in through one hose and chug extra air out through the other so that cooling is effective. This eliminates unwanted moisture and dampness in the environment. 

The Zero Breeze Mark 2 is able to lower ambient temperature to 30 F in no more than 10 minutes. The unit also comes with a fan option that has a speed control panel on the product itself.

You can power the unit with the power adapter if you are near a power source. In case you are going on an off-grid camping trip, the in-built battery can be fully charged in 4-5 hours. The battery can run for 4-5 hours straight without any charging required. The revolutionary battery can be charged through an adapter, a solar charger, or even using a car charger. Some users have even been able to cut down noise levels through proper placement and padding. 

All in all, this product has received the most number of positive reviews, and customers have been able to justify buying the product, in spite of the high price. 

✔️portable ❌expensive
✔️effective cooling❌can be noisy in a small space
✔️multiple battery charging options 
✔️one year warranty 
✔️30-day money back guarantee 
pros and cons of “The Zero Breeze Mark 2 Portable AC

2) IcyBreeze V2 Cooler

Here is one of the best tent air conditioner battery powered 2020 that has made it to a number of review lists for its ‘camp cooler’ powers. The IcyBreeze V2 Cooler is the newest addition to the IcyBreeze range. 


WEIGHT22.6 lb
Specs of “IcyBreeze V2 Cooler

The improved design has incorporated tweaks to all the specific problems that reviewers found in the previous versions, and went beyond to come up with a product that fulfills a camper’s cooling needs.

The IcyBreeze V2 works on a ‘heat exchange’ principle. This ensures that there is no output of refrigerans, freeons, or other harmful particles into the atmosphere. While the earlier versions ran on one single battery that was non-detachable, the IcyBreeze V2 allows the user to detach a charged out battery and still run the portable AC on an external power source while the battery charges. 

The powerful Lithium-Ion battery is eco-friendly and energy-efficient and can hold its charge for several hours on end. The battery gets completely charged in 5 hours and can run between 1.5 to 6 hours continuously, depending on the kind of battery you use and the intensity of cooling required.  It can also double as a 3-speed fan, which can be controlled on the panel. The IcyBreeze V2 runs on power, water, and ice. As long as you have these in stock, you can enjoy hours of fresh, cool air.

Other cool little details include a set of rugged wheels that allow you to transport the battery powered air conditioner on most terrains. The dual hose-system allows you to direct the cool air in the direction you want. The ice-bucket feature of the device has been retained so that the tub filled with ice can also keep drinks and snacks chilled for long periods of time. 

At a reasonable price of $279.99, the IcyBreeze V2 will be a great companion for you on any camping trip.

✔️environment friendly❌noisy
✔️reasonable price 
✔️ultra portable 
✔️suitable for outdoor environments 
✔️doubles as a cooler for food and drink 
✔️can run on battery or direct power 
Pros and Cons of “IcyBreeze V2 Cooler
IcyBreeze V2 Cooler - Tent air conditioner battery powered

3) GoCool Portable Air Conditioner

Here is our final entry in the ‘big and mighty’ list: The GoCool Portable Air Conditioner.


DIMENSIONS17.3 x 20 x 24 “
Specs of “GoCool Portable Air Conditioner

It works similarly to the IcyBreeze Cooler, requiring the use of water and ice and batteries. This product has been praised for its sturdy and efficient design, as well as its portability. Nifty handles and all-terrain wheels allow you to manoeuvre this little gizmo anywhere. 

The ice bucket can hold upto 40 lbs of bagged ice or drinks or snacks that need to be chilled. It is a great alternative to have handy when electricity is not readily available. The unit also doubles up as a dehumidifier. While you cannot expect continuous home AC-type performance from the GoCool, it does work to cool small spaces like tents and RVs. 

This is an eco-friendly product – the battery operation ensures that noise levels stay low, and the environment stays free of the harmful exhaust. You can get a cooling experience for about 6 hours on a fully charged battery, also ensuring that the supply of water and ice don’t run out. 

✔️Eco friendly❌does not last long
✔️ultra-portable     ❌not as powerful
✔️dehumidifies as well as cools 
Pros and Cons of “GoCool Portable Air Conditioner

Tiny but Mighty!!

The last two devices on this list are what we call ‘personal coolers’. They are highly effective in cooling personal space. They come in handy in more than one type of place. Though tiny, they may serve a very important purpose.

Tent air conditioner battery powered - GoCool Portable Air Conditioner

4) The Blaux Portable AC:

Coolsummertips.com calls it “the next generation of AC units”. The TECH TIMES uses equally superlative language in its review of the Blaux Portable AC. So what is it that makes this mini wonder so magnificent?

A look at the specs chart below will show you that the Blaux Port scores high points for its compact size and low weight. It is also easy to use, install, and clean. What’s more with its powerful 200 mAh rechargeable batteries, it will save you quite a few pennies, even in the long run!


WEIGHT <2 LB when the tank is empty
PRICE POINTS $ 178 (currently on half-off discount : $ 89)
Specs of “The Blaux Portable AC

The Blaux Portable AC is surprisingly small and stylish looking. It has a foldable handle which, along with the small size and weight, makes it easy to carry around. Can such a small device really cool a medium space efficiently? The Blaux Portable AC is said to work quickly and effectively, pumping out 2.7 m/s of air in just 30 seconds.

Another score for this gizmo comes with its easy installation and use. All you have to do is fill the 300 ml container with water, and turn it on. The product uses a patented new generation titanium cooling element that works 5X more efficiently than the usual fare.

Here are a few other really cool features of the Blaux Portable AC: it can function as a fan, a dehumidifier, as well as an effective air filter, in addition to being an effective cooler. The powerful lithium battery can be charged with the USB charger included in the kit and can run upto 8 hours at the lowest speed. The product works efficiently as well as quietly so that work, sleep, or leisure is not disrupted. 

The only drawback we could name is that it may be effective only on a personal level. So if you were planning to take it on a camping trip with your family, ordering one unit per family member may be a good idea.

✔️small size ❌effective for personal cooling only
✔️low weight 
✔️efficient fast cooling 
✔️easy use and maintenance 
✔️multi-purpose functions 
Pros and Cons of “The Blaux Portable AC

5) Onetel Personal Air Cooler


WEIGHT3.15 lb
DIMENSIONS7.5 X 7.5 X 10
PRICE POINTS$ 178 (currently on half-off discount : $ 89)
specs chart of “Onetel Personal Air Cooler

We are going to talk about a device that you’re going to have to think about very carefully if you were planning to purchase it.

The Ontel Personal Air Cooler is an evaporative cooler, not an air conditioner. This device will be of no use to you if you were going to a high-humidity environment. Therefore, it would be best to make thorough research both about the location you were going camping to, as well as the Ontel cooler before you made your decision.

In any dry-heat environment, this cooler works like a charm. It is designed to cool, dehumidify, and even purify the air. This triple function device does not require any special installation or maintenance. All you need to do is to fill the tank with water and switch it on.

The Ontel Cooler also scores on portability: it is small in size and weighs 3 lbs. Though it will not have the effect of a wall AC, it will be effective in a small enclosed space like a tent, or an RV. It’s ultra-quiet, the battery-operated function provides great relief in hot weather.

✔️small  ❌not very powerful
✔️noiseless  ❌no heating option
✔️dehumidifies, cools, purifies the air ❌cannot be used in high humidity
✔️ultra portable❌cannot cool large spaces
✔️easy to use 
✔️little energy consumption 
Pros and Cons of “Onetel Personal Air Cooler
Tent air conditioner battery powered - Onetel Personal Air Cooler


While there are great little gizmos that do a great job of cooling a limited space for a few hours, one has to remember that an end will always be in sight. That being said, great minds are always coming up with the most mind-blowing inventions every day, so the future of our battery-powered tent air conditioners may be a lot more promising than we think.

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